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FTE 80-96 - I'm new to the list...and I've got a question!



Date: Thu, 06 Aug 1998 20:39:18 -0400
From: Chris Robinson
Subject: FTE 80-96 - I'm new to the list...and I've got a question!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Chris Robinson and I'm from Christiansburg, VA. I recently
sold my 79 Bronco and have just purchased a very nice 94 F150 XLT 4x4
SB. It's pearl(metallic?) red, 4.9/six, 5sp, cc, tilt, a/c, am/fm-cass,
bedliner, new 31x10.50x15 Sport Kings, alum. wheels, new dual exhaust
after the cat and 71k miles.

I have a couple questions to ask.

1. My truck doesn't have a tach in the instrument panel. Is there a
way to get a tach without adding a goofy add on? Is it possible to take
the dash panel from a wrecked truck that has tach and put it in? Anyone
done this? How much did it cost you?

2. This is the first late model Ford F-series truck I've owned and the
first 4.9/six. I have noticed that while driving around with the a/c
on, there are times that it seems the fan stops or the compressor
disengages until I change gears! Is there something wrong or is the
computer sensing the amount of load on the engine and compensating by
disengaging the compressor? Am I lugging the engine down too low? It's
hard for me to tell what rpm I'm at since I don't have a tach.

3. Are there any quirks that I should be aware of? What do you
4.9l/six owners find to be the best way to drive? You know, where do
you shift, what kind of gas mileage do you get, etc. After driving a 79
Bronco with a 429CJ, C6, 4.11 gears and 35's, this truck is a little
different to say the least! It seems that it's geared real tall. Is
that normal for a 4.9/six?

4. Lastly, I have a shortbed and single tank. How many gallons does it
hold? No, I haven't filled it up yet!

I got this truck for $9700 and it's in super shape. Is that a fair

I look forward to all your comments!


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