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FTE 80-96 - H*lp: Carb troubleshooting - Long
FTE 80-96 - F-250 Farm Truck



Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 23:41:51 -0400
From: Ken Payne
Subject: FTE 80-96 - H*lp: Carb troubleshooting - Long

Forwarded for Randy :

Ok gang here's a carb question for you carb experts out there. I have
alot of knowledge on engines, but am almost clueless when it comes to
carberators so here it is:

Subject: '87 F-250HD 4x4 351HO 4bbl Holley (Motorcraft/Holley E6HE-GB)
Previous symptoms: Was leaking fuel around the power valve cover for
awhile and was getting worse. Also had bad valve cover gasket oil
leak so, I thought while I had all that stuff (hoses, air cleaner,
etc.) out of the way, I'd take a gander at the leak and at least
replace a gasket, I mean, I'm most definitely a mechanically inclined
guy, I can figure this thing out.....right?
Work done: Removed carb from motor, hook-ups to this carb include
wire to choke ass'y, large vacuum lines into top of float bowls front
and back, one large vacuum line to lower plenum in front below primary
float bowl and one small one next to that. One more vacuum line next
to the primary float bowl on top right (correct right, as in sitting
in driver's seat) of the bowl (opposite the fuel inlet) and, of course
acc cable and kick down bar (auto).
Work, continued: Removed both float bowls, metering plate
(secondary), and spacer between main body and primary float bowl.
Replaced both needles and adjusted dry (turn bowl over and align top
of float parallel to top of bowl). Replaced the Economizer, but made
no adjustments there, don't even know if necessary, but the inner
threaded section was at a different length than the one I pulled out.
Replaced the secondary vacuum actuator diaphram and the power valve
diaphram and reassembled. Put carb back onto manifold and fired it
up. It took alot of pedal to start and ran like crap once started.
Had to keep slight pressure on pedal to keep from stalling. I guess I
would describe the sound as one hell of a large cam. Bap, bap...bap,
bap...bap, bap... Also smelled alot of gas.
More work: Removed carb again and tore down same as before (except
not the metering plate this time) and put my old Economizer back in.
Other adjustments: Readjusted needles, adjusted vacuum lever for
secondaries, adjusted choke release and put carb back on truck.
WOOHOO: Truck fired right up into fast idle (had to kick pedal to
decrease...back to normal, right?...). Revved up just fine and very
smooth and could hear secondaries open up (major suckage sound).
Roadtest/new symptoms: Truck idles fine (a little slower than
before), but the problem comes w/acceleration. When pulling of the
line cold, it will die unless I let off the gas and 'play' w/it.
After warming up, it is a little better, but I still have to play
w/accelerator to speed up from start. Under hard accelaration it just
isn't there. It used to snap pretty hard when kicking down, but not
now. When trying to accel hard it just, well, I don't really know how
to describe it, after the initial bog (from wanting to die out), it
will pull, but it's like, almost like a really bad set of plugs I
guess would be a good way. You can hear the carb sucking vacuum, but
either too much fuel or not enough. Even at even speed it doesn't
seem to be working correctly. I can't think of any other symptoms.
For now my thinking is take it to the shop and let them dial it in.
But I'd rather save myself some $ if I can get some advice here.
I'm sorry this is so long winded, but I just wanted to be sure whoever
may be able to help had all the info possible.
Can someone please tell me what to try before I take it to the shop, I
can alwasy 'undo' it.
TIA bigtime,

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Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 22:41:07 -0700
From: rockinghorsewebtv.net (Randall Goolsby)
Subject: FTE 80-96 - F-250 Farm Truck

Scottie,something you may want to conside on the purchase of the truck
for your grandparents is a diesel engine.If you will be operating a
diesel tractor on the farm as well as the truck,you can save money on
the fuel costs by using the same lower taxed fuel in it that the tractor
uses.Not real sure what the price difference on the agricultural fuel is
vs. the over-the-road fuel is,but the tax that is in the cost of the per
gallon price is less.There may be a limit to how much road driving can
be done with the Ag. fuel,or the truck may have to be liscenced with
farm plates or something like that.Youwill have oodles of low-end torque
with the diesel,as well as comperable fuel economy.I have also heard
great things regarding the longevity of the diesel engine;a major
consideration when buying a used truck that will certainly be expected
to continue working hard on the farm.Good luck! Randy
94 Bronco EB85 F-250 4x4

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