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Subject: 61-79-list-digest V3 #470
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61-79-list-digest Wednesday, December 22 1999 Volume 03 : Number 470

Ford Truck Enthusiasts - 1961-1979 Trucks and Vans
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FTE 61-79 - RE:Salvage Yards in Winter
FTE 61-79 - 62 4x4 correction
Re: FTE 61-79 - C-6 and ATSG, what are these trannys?
Re: FTE 61-79 - Porting 460 heads?
Re: FTE 61-79 - Re: Gasket Matching
FTE 61-79 - Gear swaps
Re: FTE 61-79 - Re: weird sights
FTE 61-79 - And the Millenium winner is...
FTE 61-79 - On the subject of lug nuts ....
FTE 61-79 - Re: The cold and all



Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 22:39:57 -0500
From: "james burnette">
Subject: FTE 61-79 - RE:Salvage Yards in Winter

> We Houstonians *really* hate going out when its below 40. 8-)

>Those of us from farther north really hate going when its 40 below. :)

I know what you mean. Down here in Florida I had to put on a long sleeve
shirt the other day :-))

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

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Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 19:46:41 -0800
From: "S.Harkema">
Subject: FTE 61-79 - 62 4x4 correction

>The tailgate is missing, and window cranks need replaced ect...

>Tailgate was the same from 57 to 63 so should not be impossible to >find.

Should have said Fleetside (non-Unibody) available from 57-66
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Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 23:18:38 EST
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - C-6 and ATSG, what are these trannys?

In a message dated 12/21/99 11:04:31 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Couple of things. ATX in a SHO? The ATX was in Tempos and Escorts, I did
enough overhaul quotes out of the Chiltons to know for sure. I really doubt
it was used behind the Yamaha 6 cyl they put in the first SHOs but I wasn't
working at the dealer than so I don't know for sure. I guess they could have
installed a beefed up version. Second, T-Bird using a Taurus/Sable type
tranny? Since the Taurus/Sable is FWD and the T-Bird is RWD I have a hard
time with this. >>
I am sure I have seen a SHO with a beefed up ATX at a Drag race thought they
came with them, sorry. As for the T-Bird, I stated before I did not know but
suspected it might be a taurus type. I agree you make a good point about the
T-Bird being rear wheel drive, lost grasp on reality. But, if Gray wants to
learn about the 4R70W then go to Baumann Engineering Peformance Guide For
Ford Automatic Transmissions at Good
write up and some history.
Burt Hill Kennewick WA 1972 F-250 4x4 460
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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 00:50:45 EST
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - Porting 460 heads?

it will help, say from 3000 rpm and up, if you are wanting to make power in
that rpm range, i would suggest finding an early set of heads, the 69-72 are
the best ones.
but if you just want to pep yours up a little i would just smooth out the
ugly bumps in the port, a majority of exhaust flow is in the top of the port,
so this is where your time should be spent. just below the valve seat, there
is a sharp edge that needs contouring, this is referred to as the valve

a word of caution: being a little experienced in porting heads i thought any
one can do it if they have the time and patience. a friend of mine wanted his
C9VE heads ported on the exhaust side, he wanted me to show him how so he
could do it, so i ported one of the ports to show him how the others should
look. about a week later he called wanting me to come and do the final prting
and polishing, said he couldn't get it as smooth as i did. when i saw them i
couldn't believe it, he gouged the ports up so bad, i belive they were more
contoured before he started, so i started straightening up his mess, it
didn't take but just a second for a hole to appear and yep, it was a water
i have ported many 429 and 460 heads, even opened some up to cj size ports
without any problems. i don't know if it was an air pocket that we got into
or if the 69 model heads are just thinner castings, this was the first 69
heads i had worked on.

jeff grant
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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 01:03:31 EST
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - Re: Gasket Matching

chevy's are definetly better flowing on the exhaust side, generaly fords flow
excellent on the intake side,but stink severly on exhaust flow and you get
more going in than going out. this is why most good camshafts for a ford are
split duration/lift having more lift on the exhaust side. 302's,
351w, 429 & 460 have the worst exhaust ports of them all. some of the early
have good ex port designs. and most FE's have good exhaust ports. and the
and 400 type heads have a small bump in the roof of the port, but nothing
like the others.
you can add bigger cams, bigger intakes and carbs, but on a ford you are not
getting the full benefit unless you port the heads.

just some insight.

jeff grant
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Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 22:09:19 -0800
From: "Jerry Godsey">
Subject: FTE 61-79 - Gear swaps

I am looking to replace the gears in my Econoline's read end. As near as I
can tell, they are 4:11's. What can I change them to in order to get higher
top end?
Also, after seriously considering a 302 or 289 swap, I am going to stick
with the 170 c.i. six. Clifford Performance says that with their 2bbl
adapter, and a header with single exhaust, you can get 25% more horsepower
at the rear wheel. If I add one of their cams, it goes to 40%. I am just
wondering if changing the gearing will make it better.
I'm not trying to hot rod the truck, I just want to be able to cruise on the
Thanks in advance.
Jerry Godsey

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Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 22:14:35 -0800
From: "Jerry Godsey">
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - Re: weird sights

Mark Twain said, "It's impossible to make things foolproof because fools are
so ingenious."

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From: William S. Hart>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 1999 7:53 AM
Subject: RE: FTE 61-79 - Re: weird sights

> > Maybe with the new
> > alloys and such that are used now it might be a good idea again?
> I've often thought that ... but working in the computer industry at the
> university I get to see the general level of mentality of the "typical
> ... trust me left hand threads are a bad idea from the support standpoint
> ...
> I'll sign this one
> Frustrated Admin
> wish
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Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 21:25:41 -0800
From: "Pat">
Subject: FTE 61-79 - And the Millenium winner is...

Well done Sir Gary,
You may now lay claim to the most gruesome List story of the past 1000
years (Maybe a bit less) You are right tho, this neat hobby of Ford Trucks
is great, but can be harmful in a really big way if we forget to observe
certain safety rules. Chemical hazard is one of them. The really neat
varnish replacement called Cetol says not to use it except in a well
ventilated environment, but then so does everything else. Well let me tell
you, breathe a bunch of the fumes and it can do you in. I speak from (hack,
cough) experience.
78 F150
77F250 4x4
79 F250 4x4 Dream Truck under way.

> BTW, gruesome stories don't excite me much.....YUK! My ex-brother in law
> fell into a chemical tank on an oil barge and was burned very badly. The
> fumes made him pass out so that he fell into the liquid he was cleaning up
> and it got inside him so that bones and muscle and organs were affected
> he nearly died. He did not follow the rules and paid the
ice....:-( Very
> sad really :-(
> - --
> Michigan, Pot Hole Jumping,
> 78 Bronco Loving, Gary
> - Site: ----------+

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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 02:57:34 -0500
From: "Serian">
Subject: FTE 61-79 - On the subject of lug nuts ....

Gary said:
> which brings us back to the old "no oil or grease" theory which
> is now also history because they found out that you can not
> properly torque the nut to the desired "tension" without lube :-)
> How often have you attempted to remove an old nut only to
> break the lug by applying more and more effort until something
> gave? This principle works in the opposit direction as well :-)

I always lube the lug nuts and lug studs when I change a tire, and
NEVER let those guys at the tire place do the change ... they can
mount the tire on the rim, but I'll put my own tire/rim complete
assembly on the cars and trucks, thank you ... that way, I either
know it is done right, or I know who to blame when it screws up.

I have never had a problem with the lug nuts coming loose because
of this, and I highly recommend the procedure, since you *will*
want to take those lug nuts off again at some point, and the grease
or oil you use to lube the threads will help keep the rust from
developing and making the job harder than it should be.

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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 01:21:00 -0800
From: "Pat">
Subject: FTE 61-79 - Re: The cold and all

Slightly crazy is OK but when it's 65-70 below 0, gaoline, diesel and
propane all freeze, axles crystalize and will snap and you have about 10
minutes to get a fire going or your hands don't work. Take your battery in
the house at night and build a fire under the oil pan in the morning
(Tobacco can with a few rags and a bit of diesel) Parts hunting in the
Yukon when I was there was NOT a mid winter hobby. I've been cold and I've
been warm. Warm is better.
78 150
77 250 4X4
79 240 4X4 Dream Truck under construction

> Bob >>
> You floridians or what ever they call ya :) never have fun until you have
> plug in your car, and just when you think the battery isnt gonna crank
> anymore the engine fires, now thats fun!!!!!!
> Travis
> from
> the great white north or iowa as some say

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