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In this issue:

Decode axle code [Jim Henjum ]
Re: where to put speakers in 66F100 [Don Grossman ]
Re: 1972 Ranger Fuel System []
Tranny Update - Was Calling Tranny Gurus [Mike Schwall ]
Re: QuadraVan [ (David T Sanchez)]
Re: Water Leaks []
Re: Water Leaks []
Re: compression ratio ["Harry Jennings" ]



Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 19:38:47 -0600
From: Jim Henjum
Subject: Decode axle code

Anyone with a decoder out there I need some help.
I am looking at a 77 (late 77) f250 4x4. It has a GVWR of 8100. Anyway,
the axle code is 24J. If anyone can look it up and let me know what the
front axle and gear ratio is, it would be greatly appreciated!

Ross Henjum
Pennock, MN

'75 F250 4x4 390, C-6, 203
'78 F150 302, C-4 (engine and tranny for sale)


Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 17:13:56 -0800
From: Don Grossman
Subject: Re: where to put speakers in 66F100

Speakers in a 61-66 truck can be a problem. Currently I have 6x9's
located in the removable door panels. If you have the door pocket
option this could be a problem. If you used smaller speakers you could
mount them in the upper cab areas just to the sides of the rear window,
but you will have one right in your ear.

As someone said earlier they mounted a set under the dash pointing
down. I recently saw this in a jeep and it worked and looked good.
Well not seeing them was also a plus. I would like to add some speakers
maybe under the seat if possible.

speaking of seats, does anyone know of a good set of buckets that will
fit in a 63 with little modification. I dont' really want to spend $500
to 700 for a new set if I can find a good P-N-P set for less.

- --
Don Grossman

63 Ford F-100 4x4 67' 390, t-98, Spicer 24, Dana 60, Dana 44, power
steering, power brakes, and now ON BOARD AIR!


Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 21:05:53 EST
Subject: Re: 1972 Ranger Fuel System

The dual tank setup on the early 70 trucks were mechanical. The switch to the
right of the heater controls switched only the fuel guage. The fuel lines
were actually switched mechanically by a valve that apparently has been
removed from your tank (look underneath--the fuel line routing is very
obvious). Later, Ford used an electrical valve and used the dash switch to
switch both the guage and the fuel line.

If the tank selector valve is missing, do yourself a favor and get an
electrical valve (either from Ford of aftermarket). Then, change out the dash
switch for a later model switch (still available from Ford) that has the
contacts to switch your new valve as well as the guage.



Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 20:10:34 -0600
From: Mike Schwall
Subject: Tranny Update - Was Calling Tranny Gurus

>> Mike,
>> From your discription it sounds like you found a 3spd overdrive,
>>also known as tremac tranny. Does it have a plate on the top of the case?
>>They were never put behind an FE from the factory but were found on I6s
>>and smallV8s in the late 70s. It would also be alumium cased and look like
>>a toploader 4spd from a car but with a built in shifter like you discribe.
>> Garry

I made a bolt hole pattern today and headed out for the junk yard. Tranny
was same length and had the same # of splines. Took about 25 minutes to
pull it and check to make sure all gears work. Total of tranny, shifter,
and tranny mount was $160.

When I got her home I opened 'er up and took a peek. All gears were in
good shape. Synchros were still good. Everything moved smoothly. I
dumped out the old oil - which looked clean. I did a little solvent action
on the outside - it went from black to silver. Everything bolted right up.
Only modification I had to make to my truck was to cut another hole for
the shifter.

I was looking though some old Chilton books and it looks like I have the
Ford single-rail four speed overdrive. It has Ford stamped all over the
tranny. I had to replace the rear oil seal. Part number for the oil seal
was for a Tremec tranny.

Looks like I may have to replace the bearings in the tranny. They make a
little humming noise on the road. Have to run it a little more to see if
it will quiet down.

Stats: 4 hours work, 6 beers, couple busted knuckles, headache from smell
of gear oil, and eyes full of dirt.


P.S. Now it's time for differential gear change - 1600 RPM for ~60 MPH (
guestimate - spedometer does not work - tranny gear must be bad). 3.50:1
sounds nice


Home Page:


Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 21:54:52 EST
From: (David T Sanchez)
Subject: Re: QuadraVan

I've seen one of these near my office recently. This one is an '87 1 ton
4X4 and has the diesel engine. The badging on the front fenders and rear
door say QuadraVan. It also has 33" tires and has a pretty menacing
stance. Does anyone know any more about these unique trucks?

Dave Sanchez

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Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 23:11:23 EST
Subject: Re: Water Leaks

Hi Dana,

Well, I don't know exactly where the leaks are coming from, but there are a
couple ways you might trying to go about finding them. How about waiting until
its dark outside, put a work light in the engine compartment (maybe even close
the hood), and then look under the dashboard? You might also try putting the
light in both front fender wells....

If this doesn't work, there's always the old test of using the garden hose
being sprayed in discreet areas by someone else while you wait inside looking
for the water to come in.....

Let me know what you find out, I'll check my '68 body to see if it has the
same deal. Did you get my post about getting some wheel well liners off of a
newer model truck? Should cut down quite a bit on rust on our 67-72 rigs...

Good Luck,

Colorado Jeff


Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 23:27:20 -0800
Subject: Re: Water Leaks

Thanks for the info. I taped plastic from the lower windshield down over the
hood and then let the hose run down from the roof. there was still water on the
right side. I think I have found one leak on the left side it seems to point to
holes in the firewall just under the cowl vent by the master cylinder. I don't
know how rain is getting in the firewall while the truck is parked but it's a
starting place!

The right side seems to be coming from the rain gutter, I will tape that up and
check again.



Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 02:19:08 CST
From: "Harry Jennings"
Subject: Re: compression ratio

What's up with that? 4.050" x 3.984" = 10.287cm x 10.119cm = 841cc
cylinder volume. 841 + 92.7 / 92.7 = 10.072:1 compression ratio.

How come my math don't equal Yer math?



My program figures a lot of other things into the compresion ratio. For
instance, it used 6.00cc as a 'satadard' piston valve relief. If the
pistons have no valve relief then this can be changed to zero. With this
changed to zero the compression did reach 10.00:1. It also lets you plug
different numbers in for deck height and allows for flat topped, doshed,
or domed pistons.

Then again, maybe I am not using it right:o)




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