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In this issue:

390 to 428 info ["Dave Walbeck" ]
Re: Engine Swap [ (George Schott)]
Re: EFI swap ["Dale and Donna Carmine" ]
Jeff Carver 65-66 Crewcab interior [fred robinson ]
Re: clutch wear ?? [Serian ]
Re: To Swap or not to swap... ["Michael Redden" ]



Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 19:33:16 PST
From: "Dave Walbeck"
Subject: 390 to 428 info

O.K. all you guys out there wanting to make a 428 out of a 390. I just
stumbled onto an article in FORD High Performance (From the editors of
Mustang Illustrated) April 1998 issue that covers the whole thing
including offsetting the bores to avoid boring into the water jackets.
So if your into this go pick this issue up (I did I'm a BIG FE Nut).
Dave Complete and Total FORDNUT , Highboy Nut, & FE Nut too!!!!!!!!!



Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 22:46:48 -0500
From: (George Schott)
Subject: Re: Engine Swap

The swap isn't coming as suggested by one of the list members who has
completed this swap I ran to the U-pull it and picked up a set of 73
motor mounts which looked like they just might work but none of those
holes lined up. I am going to try again Friday I'm going to take out the
73 mounts and put the 69 mounts back in and see what i can do maybe I
can make the holes in the mount oblong instead of round to make up for
what I am short on the other end. Thanks to Dana Steve and everyone else
for your inputs I will update hopefully by Friday night I will finally,
after 5 or 6 months , get to hear this motor breath.

Fine 69


Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 22:24:45 -0600
From: "Dale and Donna Carmine"
Subject: Re: EFI swap

Harry said;
>Cobra engine? No. It has a 351SVO (yes, with EFI).

this sounds interesting, please tell us some more. What's the truck? What
did you do to swap in the EFI? What was the donor vehicle?



Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 20:48:05 -0800
From: fred robinson
Subject: Jeff Carver 65-66 Crewcab interior

Jeff, I have a 66 F250 Crewcab that was pretty stock when I got. So I will
"try" to answer guestions for you. As you know there are not many but I do
know where a couple are so I can go by to see them also to help with your


Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 01:07:21 -0500
From: Serian
Subject: Re: clutch wear ??

>My questions: Does anyone know of another point to adjust the clutch =
>pedal free play other than right at the tranny?
> Should there be free play in the lever that comes =
>out of the side of the clutch, and how much?
> Any other suggestions?

Another thing which may be causing the problem is wear to the mechanical
linkage. Check the places where the linkage pieces join. Worn bushings where
the "rods go thru the holes", and even wear of such holes (making them oblong)
will put more slack in your clutch. You might have to replace some of the
linkage pieces. My 83 F150 has a linkage like that, and I had to replace the
rod that runs from the bellcrank at the right side end of the pedal pivot rod
through the floor and to the bellcrank underneath because the hole in the
end of
it that attached at the lower end wore out to the point that the hole was
as long as it was wide !


Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 02:07:39 -0500
From: "Michael Redden"
Subject: Re: To Swap or not to swap...


The '71 F250 I have originally had a 300 six. The previous owner swapped a
302 into it. For the past 20 plus years, I've always had trucks with
straight, or slant six cyl. I believe the max torque for the 302 V8 is
close to that of the 300 six. If you primarily need low end torque for
pulling, the 300 is great, and indestructable.

I like having the 302V8, though. I've hauled heavy loads, no prob. and can
go 70 to 75 mph for a hundred miles without feeling "wrapped out". I had
the 302 in a '70 Mustang (from '74 to '77), and found it to be quite
reliable. It gets decent gas milage, too.

Just my impressions as a "user", not as an expert mechanic!



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