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Subject: fordtrucks61-79-digest V2 #51

fordtrucks61-79-digest Thursday, January 29 1998 Volume 02 : Number 051

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In this issue:

Re: Rear Bearings [ (Jon E Purut)]
Re: 1969 f350 i-6 300 []
Re: FE conversion. long rods [ (Dave William]
Re: V10 [ (Dave Williams)]
Re: A couple of questions about my truck ["Deacon" ]
Another newbie... [Jeff ]



Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 23:31:19 -0500
From: (Jon E Purut)
Subject: Re: Rear Bearings

Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 18:48:00 -0600
Subject: Re: Rear Bearings

**Major Snippage**

>>>>5) I would like to get a 460 in the front someday. I am a bit
with the drum brakes (after rebuild) being adequate. They are the 1 ton
truck brakes - any ideas on adequacy. I will never haul 1 ton at speed.
My concern is that braking goes up linearly with weight and with the
of speed (MV^2/2). The more I look at the front end the rougher it
I sitll have the beam axle and want to keep it (OK call me stupid), so
regualar disc brake conv don't seem to work - I probably could find
spindles from a 1 ton that would fit my king pins, but they probably
wouldn't work with the gemmer gear box - maybe the answer is a complete
splindle and steering changeover (Yuck).

Jim. It is not stupid to keep the solid axle. Ford builds a heavy duty
F350 now with the solid axle and calls it the Super Duty. I quite like
the look of the solid beam and am converting a '65 F100 from twin I beam
to solid axle. I took the axle off a '63 F350 and am adapting it to the
frame. I still have to figure out how to connect the '65 steering box to
the solid tie rod that connects the two spindles. Keeping the drums for
now is my plan but that may change. One thing I am having a hard time
finding is replacement bushings for the front spring eyes and shackle
bracket. My last resort will be having a machine shop custom make the
bushing if I can not find them.

Also does any one know where I might find a six lug '61-'64 F350 rear end
for sale somewere in the North Carolina area?

Jon E. Purut

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1965 F100 SWB Daily Driver
1965 F100 Parts Truck Hoping To Revive As F350 Super Duty
1977 F150 Parts Truck
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Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 20:57:34 -0800
Subject: Re: 1969 f350 i-6 300

>the engine runs strong with tons of power 1st through 3rd gear but the
>jump to fourth seems big.The problem I'm trying to adress is when
>running in fourth and going up long grades the engine seems to go off
>the power band at 2800 rpm and falls sharpley till I gear down to 3rd
>where it will climb moutains.

>I said the engine runs great but is box stock and I would like to keep
>it in the truck.I have a 67 gt 390 sitting in the barn but I want to
>utilize the six because I just like inline sixes better.Bruce

Bruce, sounds like You need a turbo! About 8 lbs of boost would
really make the 300 pull hard. And sixes sound so cool!
The 300/6 is layed out perfect for an easy turbo conversion...

Say... uhh, where's this barn anyway? (-:

Happy motoring,


"Laws do not persuade merely because they threaten."
-- Seneca, AD 65


Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 22:17:00 -0500
From: (Dave Williams)
Subject: Re: FE conversion. long rods

- -> I wonder if one of the reasons You don't see long rod FE setups is
- -> finding suitable rods that can be easily made to fit.?
- -> And FE pistons with short compression heights?
- ->
- -> Where's Dave Williams? He knows much muchness about such things...

The stock FE rod is pretty long. But you can use Chrysler 198 Slant 6
rods, which are a full seven inches long, and one of the inexpensive
1.26" Chevy stroker pistons for a long rod motor with stock stroke. A
.080 over Chevy piston would be a .030 over 390. Or use the 1.14"
piston and offset the crank to bring the engine out another 1/8" or so
in stroke while you're at it.

The FEs are all long rod motors from the factory. The 390 has a 6.54"
rod with a 3.78" stroke. The 400 Chevy has a 5.56" rod with a 3.75"
stroke - almost an inch shorter. The 400 Ford has a 6.58" rod - a hair
longer than the FE - but it has a 4 inch stroke.

- - Dave "Different Strokes For Different Folks" Williams


Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 22:33:00 -0500
From: (Dave Williams)
Subject: Re: V10

- -> Don't go telling me stuff like this. "The bell housing is the same
- -> and the 460 I believe" It makes it sound like a bolt in. I just
- -> will not do it. NO.

I doubt the bellhousing is the same as the 460; the V8 variants use a
unique bolt pattern, similar to the Windsor bolt pattern.

The V10 is bigger than the 460, heavier than the 460, can't run without
all of its EEC-V OBD-II electronic management system (distributorless,
EFI only), and it a complete dead end, performance-wise. For far less
than the hassle of trying to fit a V10, you could build a 460 that would
romp and stomp.


Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 22:17:05 -0800
From: "Deacon"
Subject: Re: A couple of questions about my truck

From: Perry Farrell

> About suicide doors: is
>that just where the doors open backwards (the hinge is on the side
>facing the bed, instead of the engine side)? If so, would it be possible
>to convert my doors like that (I'm sure everybody knows it's a '77 F100
>Custom)? I think suicide doors (or at least my impressions of what they
>are exactly) would be a nice little novelty-type thing to do to my

Welcome to our Gang Perry!

If suicide doors were only difficult to do, I'd have them. I could dig
having them on my truck. I think they look good on any vehicle. Gullwing
come a close second. If I can find it, I have a magazine showing how it's
done. If I do find it I can scan it and send it to you if you'd like. Major
body work. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal. What move the hinges? How
hard could that be. More than I'd ever be able to do. It's almost making the
whole door over again, so it's out of my range. On the other hand, you could
take some auto body classes and do it. Your young. You still have faith in
all things are possible. Go for it! :) After you do yours, I'll let you do
mine for inspiring you to learn how. :)

>and especially Deacon Blues for being a nice guy and pointing
>out that not everyone is a Ford truck guru.

Thank you Bro, to tell the truth Gary Peters showed me (not all that
long ago) how to act in a public forum. I can't say anything about people
flaming because I could get pretty stupid. Gary shut me up and never posted
an angry word. It made me feel foolish so I stopped getting bent cause I
hate feeling foolish. :)

> Also, shaving the door handles: what exactly does
>this... do? Like, what does that mean? And what does it entail? I really
>thank everyone who answered my questions truthfully, and I hope I get
>some more straight answers.

I may have something on this also. We just moved into this house and I'm
not sure where anything is yet. The joys of moving. You can't find your
stuff for months and some things you never see again.
It's something that can be done as a home project. It's not practical
for a daily driver in my opinion but hey, who am I? :)
Don't worry, you'll get a full share of straight answers. You had a
bumpy start, I think you'll enjoy our Gang from here on out.

Deacon Blues
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Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 03:31:46 -0500
From: Jeff
Subject: Another newbie...

Hi gang, I"ve been watching the list for awhile now and decided to speak
I've reciently come in possession of a '65 F100, 240 CID,
in rather good shape (83K miles). I need several items and am wondering

where the best place to get them might be. They are:

1) An exhaust manifold (mines cracked clean in half)
2) A drivers side rear view mirror (did the come on
both sides?)
3) A new frame for thr drivers wing window (the handle
broke off)

Any information you guys can give me would be a godsend and I'd be happy
share anything else about the truck for those who might be intrested.



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