Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 03:50:24 -0700 (MST)
From: (fordtrucks61-79-digest)
Subject: fordtrucks61-79-digest V2 #19

fordtrucks61-79-digest Tuesday, January 13 1998 Volume 02 : Number 019

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Re: Plowing [Tyler Wilkins ]
Re: Wiper motor [OldTrux ]
Re: Wiper motor [BEANER12 ]
Re: Upgrading brakes. [RL ]
Turn Signals [Jim Craig ]
Re: Turn signals not working []
Re: Dana update []
351M Vacuum Diagrams [Tyler Wilkins ]
list subscriptions [shane ]
Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions? []
Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions? []
Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions? []
Re: '64 f-350 Util []
: Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions? ["Dale and Donna Carmine"
Re: Upgrading brakes. []
Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions? [SAR HOG ]
Re: fordtrucks61-79-digest V2 #18 [Chezpip ]
Re: fordtrucks61-79-digest V2 #18 []
Re: Project Truck ["Dennis K. Austin" ]
No guts... ["Dennis K. Austin" ]
Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions? [Chekerdpst ]
Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions? ["Deacon" ]



Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 18:10:36 -0600
From: Tyler Wilkins
Subject: Re: Plowing

Jason DiSalvo wrote:
> Does anyone plow with a f150? How does it plow?

What type of motor, tranny, what year, tires?


Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:40:53 EST
From: OldTrux
Subject: Re: Wiper motor

In a message dated 98-01-12 15:07:23 EST, you write:

That is to say,
I'm having a hard time figuring out where it's hidden on my 66 F100. >>
It is located under the dash in the center. Yes, its hard to get at!


Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:49:07 EST
From: BEANER12
Subject: Re: Wiper motor

I just replaced mine in my 66 about two weeks ago. It is not very hard
to find or replace. Finding the motor is very tough if it is a one speed like
mine was. I ended up going to a junk yard and putting in a two speed motor and
The motor is just about under the radio but on the firewall. All I had
to do to take it out was remove the defrost hoses and then the 3 nuts holding
the bracket. The bracket must come out but you also need to take the clamps to
the wiper rods off. Mine just slipped off with a little bit of thumb pressure.
Let me know how it goes and if you have any more questions.

Good Luck,

Eddie/Winter Haven,


Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 18:53:51 -0600 (CST)
From: RL
Subject: Re: Upgrading brakes.

On my F-100 can you add a master cycender to drum brakes to make it have
power drum brakes. If I'm wrong please correct me. He's always complaining
about them. So I figure this weekend I'll check to see if its leaking
around the wheels.
Thanks Ryan

1971 Torino 500, 1971 F-100, 1977 Hornet Sportabout,
1978 New Yorker e-mail:
Fairlane Club of America


Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:52:17 -0600
From: Jim Craig
Subject: Turn Signals

I bought my '77 with the intention to rebuild it completely, changing what I
did not like. As you have found out, the wiring in 20 year old trucks is
disgusting to say the least. I rewired mine completely after her starter
died in a cloud of smoke using a Painless Wiring 12 circuit fuse panel,
which is great. I found quite a few of the wires coming from all over, were
frayed, torn, and one had even melted all the way back to the fuse block!
I'd start by checking grounds, but either this problem or the next, most
likely lies in the wires. This particular turn signal switch was not one of
Ford's greatest achievements. I also incorporated a feature from my old
man's Audi--wiring the headlights to turn off with the key.



Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 17:07:06 -0800
Subject: Re: Turn signals not working

>> column area. If it hadn't been for that slight wisp of smoke I'd
>> probably still be tracing wires. +-------------- Ford Truck
>Yup, that's when my hazzards went out. Problem is the new switch
>didn't fix it and all the wires and contacts are replaced by the new
>switch?? I went around to all the lights, pulled the bulbs and put
>them back in (all were good) and suddenly I had signals but still no
>hazzards so I suspect it's in the sockets somewhere or a plug going
>to one of them but not sure yet :-(

Yeah, maybe crusty bulb sockets.. A pencil or pen with a good eraser
on the end makes a handy tool to clean em up with.

Uhh, are You aware that there are 2 flashers? One for the hazards
(that's easy to reach from under the dash) and another for the turn
signals that's buried way up high and much harder to get to.

>Where's Murphy when
>you really need him??

Apparently, He's been "fixing" Your lights!


When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
-- Hunter S. Thompson


Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 18:51:48 -0800
Subject: Re: Dana update

I have used diesel to remove grease etc. seems to work well enough and it's
cheap I don't know if it is a good idea for flammability reasons but I think it
is less flammable then paint thinner. If anyone knows a good reason not to use
it let me know. ( I don't want to become a statistic ------Kaboom---- )

The nice thing that I have found is that once the grease is devolved it can be
hosed off ( into an environmentally friendly, recycle container of course )



Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 21:23:58 -0600
From: Tyler Wilkins
Subject: 351M Vacuum Diagrams

> Subject: 351M Vacuum Diagrams
> Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 21:17:23 -0600
> From: Tyler Wilkins
> Organization: Wilkins Motosports
> To:
> To those of you I said I'd send the vacuum diagrams, they're onthe way,
> Our copy machine has been down at work until this evenin'. So I didn't
> get a chance to get them copied unitl a few hours ago. They're
> addrressed and stamped and will be going out to all of you tommorrow.
> Sorry about the wait.
> Tyler Wilkins
> Milwaukee, WI
> '73 F-250 4x4, 360, 4-speed, 33" BFG's
> '74 F-100 4x2, 360, C-6, 68,000 orig. miles
> '79 F-100 4x2, 351M, C-6
> '94 Explorer 4-Door, 31" BFG's
> Coming Soon....... '74 Bronco, 302, C-4, 36,000 orig. miles


Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 21:30:21 -0600
From: shane
Subject: list subscriptions

Hi, I'm new at this, so here goes. I joined this list because I love
Ford trucks! I sit back and read every article that scrolls down my
screen. I never have donated anthing to the list because I'm still
new, Until now. I wouldn't let it get you down, because as some of the
list subscribers say, it's a natural weeding out process. I love my '66
Fords and there has been many articles come through that I thought was
great. I tell everyone I chat to about the list. There are lots of
people who don't even know the lists are here. I believe the list will
sat growing again. I don't know if anyone on the list uses the chat
room, its really great. I've met a lot of really nice people who love
their Ford truck as much as I love mine. Well thats all I've got to
say, thought I'd put my two cents in.

1966 F100 460 auto


Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:33:04 -0800
Subject: Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions?

You go Dave!!!!!!



Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:36:59 -0800
Subject: Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions?

Don Grossman wrote:

> I really don't want to trim the fender but it would be quicker than
> lifting the cab and inch. Maybe if I put a new location pin in the leaf
> spring I could move the axle forward an inch. Anyone know how hard
> spring steel would be to drill?

Why not use spacers between the axle and spring!



Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:39:30 -0800
Subject: Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions?

marko maryniak wrote:

> I couldn't agree more. Once in awhile there are threads that seem to > go on a little too long,..............

Could you be talking about long winded little old me ;)



Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:45:48 -0800
Subject: Re: '64 f-350 Util

Go with the 8 lug but try to find a stock swap that does not require machine
work. What a pain it would be to have to machine the drums every time you don't
replace the shoes soon enough. Heck while your at it go disk up front!!!!



Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 21:48:26 -0600
From: "Dale and Donna Carmine"
Subject: : Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions?

Dave R,

Your talent as a writer is surpassed only by your knowledge of the M block!
Well said.

Dale Carmine
'79 F-150 351M
York, Nebraska


Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 19:52:36 -0800
Subject: Re: Upgrading brakes.

First be sure that the break system is in proper shape. Then if you still want
power breaks, depending on the year, You can probably find a factory bolt in
from the wrecking yard.



Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 23:15:18 EST
Subject: Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions?

In a message dated 98-01-12 22:36:51 EST, you write:

> >
> > I really don't want to trim the fender but it would be quicker than
> > lifting the cab and inch. Maybe if I put a new location pin in the leaf
> > spring I could move the axle forward an inch. Anyone know how hard
> > spring steel would be to drill?
> Why not use spacers between the axle and spring!
> Dana

I forgot which axle y'all are talkin about, but spacers (lift blocks) between
the axle housing and the leaf spring up front are a bad idea. There are alot
of forces acting up there, what with the steering and all, and using front
lift blocks is an invitation for disaster IMHO. They're fine for the rear
though as long as you remember that you'll need longer shocks :)

John Z
67 F-100 460/C-6


Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 23:25:07 EST
From: Chezpip
Subject: Re: fordtrucks61-79-digest V2 #18

is there an aftermarket auxillary gas tank for a 72 f250??? if so, where can
i find one??? mine's rusted and i need to replace it. if possible, i'd like
to go with one bigger than the stock 25 gallon one, but i'm sorta strapped for
cash so i can't go custom on you! help...
also, does anyone have anything on '66 f100 disc brake conversions??? i heard
that the spindles on a 67 to 72 would be able to fit from the kingpin out, is
this true??? help... phillip, los angeles CA


Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 22:24:31 -0800
Subject: Re: fordtrucks61-79-digest V2 #18

Chezpip wrote:
> is there an aftermarket auxillary gas tank for a 72 f250??? if so, where can
> i find one??? mine's rusted and i need to replace it. if possible, i'd like
> to go with one bigger than the stock 25 gallon one, but i'm sorta strapped for
> cash so i can't go custom on you! help...


Marv had a stock aux tank that he was going to give me. I was going to mount it
on the pass side but I really don't have time. So if he still has it maybe he
would give it to you. E-Mail him directly. I haven't seen him on the list
lately. ( Marv Miller ) Let him know that I told you about it.



Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 00:31:18 -0600
From: "Dennis K. Austin"
Subject: Re: Project Truck

Dave Resch is right. If it wasn't for this group I wouldn't be doing
the things I am doing now. I bought a 1965 F100 which had been
somebody's cowboy cadillac complete with built in cooler between the
bucket seats. (yes, I pulled all that garbage out!) The body is great
except two small dents in the front curve of the left front flared
fender. It came with a healthy 302 with cams, Edelbrock manifold, carb,
and air cleaner kit. Huge chrome wagon wheel with oversized tires,
three speed transmission (side loader) with a Daytona chrome shift kit
(up for grabs now). It has a lot of features that made the purchase
worth while. The only thing wrong with it was a burnt out clutch.

After buying the truck, I found this discussion group. You guys have
been an inspiration of info. Because of Ken's disc brake instructions
and a lot of talk by you 4x4 guys I have been busy. I got the disc
brakes complete on spindles from a '74 F250 Camper Special and got the
front anti-sway bar(the rear was already gone from the truck). I took
the brake calipers and hoses and traded them for new kits. I also took
my old steering linkage out and traded that for a new kit for a '74
model. I didn't want to shave that 1/8 inch and my linkage was shot

I got the master brake components and proportioning valve as found in
Ken's instructions from a '73. I bought new king pin kits for a '74.

I found a ATA-435 4 speed top loader in a '77 that was clipped by a
train. It was opened up and found to be in excellent shape. Was
attached to a damaged 300 cid 6.

I got new Gabriel GAS shocks, all kinds of bushings from JC Whitney.

Everything is here now. The front end is disassembled and ready to be

My neighbors came up with a home-made king pin press. At some time I
will diagram it and send it to Ken. Basically it is two pieces of steel
channel, a 1/2 inch thick plate, a rod as tuff as the king pins (we
used an old king pin), and two very large "all threads" with 1 inch
nuts. One steel channel needs a round hole cut through it large enough
only for the king pin to pass through but enough metal to fit the
I-Beam. Both channel pieces need holes (two each) for the "all thread."

This was assembled with the channel that had the king pin hole on the
bottom of the I-Beam. The old king pin was held in place on top of the
king pin in the I-Beam. The 1/2 plate was put on top of this and the
final piece of channel was placed over that. All thread was fastened in
place and tightening took place from the top pressing downward. Any
light oil that will move through heavy grease is used too. We rotated
our efforts from one side of the contraption to the other. In about 10
minutes with the use of a hand held propane torch we had the first one
out. The second took less time.

I have cleaned up the twin I-Beams and painted them. Also, it is
recommended that you get some emory cloth and polish up the hole in the
I-Beams where your king pins go. Get all the rough spots out, use a rag
to remove the dust, and try test fitting your new king pins. If you can
drive them through with your fist then assembly will be real easy. You
don't want to over do it though. So, keep checking the fit. I didn't
need to wrap the emory cloth around anything. Just rolled it, inserted
it, stuck a finger in each end and ran it back and forth. Kinda like one
of those Mexican Finger traps.

The new tires for the front (don't scream too much you 4x4 guys I am
building a street truck) are 205/60R15s. The back I have not decided
on. 245, 255 or 275s. Just not sure yet. Focus is on the front end
right now.

I will do the DuraSpark conversion too at a later time.

But, you know I would never have tried these things without this
discussion group and the information being passed on here. I know I can
do these retro's (with help), I print them out, show it to people that
believe this is FUN not work and something that should be tried.

So, if it stops raining here in Louisiana for one weekend I will
reassemble my front end and let Ken and you guys know that the disc
brake instructions work on a '65 model.

Also, I am glad somebody knows where that wiper motor is. My wipers
move up 6 inches and just quit. No movement at all after that. I will
have to get into that too, but now I know where to look.

So, you see this area is for the guys who really want to get their hands
dirty and perhaps Ken should sub-note it that way.

Oh, and a tip for you guys who get grease all over themselves at the
U-Pull It yards. My friend showed up with a "baby wipes" container.
The kind you pull through the top one by one. He bought these at one of
those dollar stores real cheap, 89 cents. They do work and you don't
have to mess around with hand cleaner and water.

And as said... a multi-year Chilton's Shop Manual is no use at all. I
need a '65 and a '74 book. Anybody got one?

Now... got to go see Chester about a 302 Tunnel Port...hhmm!

> ------------------------------
> Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 12:30:46 -0700
> From: "Dave Resch"
> Subject: Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions?
> >Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 12:07:12 -0500
> >From: Ken Payne
> >Subject: Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions?
> >
> >The 61-79 list peaked at over 550 members and has been
> >skrinking ever since. The 80+ list keeps growing at a steady
> >pace and will soon get have another split (the small truck list
> >split off from it).
> Yo Dudes:
> Obviously these weird email scams are the scourge of any newsgroup and a
> PITA for every email user, but I wanted to share a few of my thoughts about
> this list and Ken's comment on the list's membership numbers.
> I am subscribed to both this list and the '80-up list. Owning a 1980 F250


Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 00:31:29 -0600
From: "Dennis K. Austin"
Subject: No guts...

Its sounds like you got other problems. You mentioned it was a
California motor. You guys think he should be running Premium in a CA
setup motor? Also, have you checked the quality of what your buying? I
swear this sounds like you are burning crude, shellac, or something
along those lines. I remember this problem when they tried to sell us
gas made from grains down here in Louisiana. It gummed up the motors
real bad. There were lawsuits over it too. But, that was twenty years

Before you go and try rebuilding the motor I would drop the tank and get
it cleaned out. Then have the fuel line blown out with something that
will clean it. The check your fuel pump and filters. I am sure the
guys on the discussion group here can recommend a good fuel pump and
filter set up.

- -=DENNIS=-


Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 01:49:48 EST
From: Chekerdpst
Subject: Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions?

Well said, Dave (and others). Although this list generates a lot of mail, i
still manage to sit and read most of the posts-even though I am not actively
working on my truck right now. Keep up the good work and the great attitudes


Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 23:21:18 -0800
From: "Deacon"
Subject: Re: ADMIN, list subscriptions?

>You go Dave!!!!!!

You go too Dana!!!

Sorry, I just wanted to see if this was a compliment. It's hard for me to
keep up with the new lingo. :)

Deacon Blues
Visit The Deacon Blues Homepage


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