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Subject: fordtrucks61-79-digest V2 #129

fordtrucks61-79-digest Friday, March 6 1998 Volume 02 : Number 129

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Re: Flywheel weight ["David W. Anderson" ]
Re: '71 F350 [Richard Cherico ]
[none] [Richard Cherico ]



Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 22:11:09 -0800
From: "David W. Anderson"
Subject: Re: Flywheel weight

On the subject of heavy flywheels - I ran across a book a while back about
high performance Ford motors while browsing the automotive section of a
local bookstore. Apparently, drag racers found the new 385 series wouldn't
accelerate like the FE's they were suppose to replace because the 385
motors had significantly more reciprocating weight. One racer that was
interviewed (sorry, I don't remember his name) said their fix was to hang a
135 pound flywheel on one end of the crank, an 85 pound damper on the other,
run the motor up to 8 grand or so and let the inertia of all that rotating
weight yank the car down the track. Kind of a bizarre story and I have no
idea if that was common practice in the early 70's or not. The thought of
sitting next to a manhole sized flywheel spinning that fast gives me the

I'm wondering if the 40 pound McLeod figure isn't a misprint; that seems
awful heavy.


Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998 00:59:42 -0800
From: Richard Cherico
Subject: Re: '71 F350

That '352' cast into the back of the block (and sometimes other places)
simply designates the block as being in the FE family. Since the 352 was
an early runner in the FE family, I guess Ford chose it to stamp into the
block. The 360 in my '68 has the same '352' in it, as do most of the FE

Somebody on this list a few months ago put the Edelbrock Performer intake
on his 390 which he said resulted in much crisper throttle response. I put
electronic ignition in my 360 which is always a good idea, plus put in an
RV cam for a little more bottom-end. At the same time, I put on a 4bbl
intake and a 600cfm Edelbrock carb. I'm rethinking that setup, but it
works pretty well. Several headers were made which fit FEs in truck
applications; the manufacturers slip my mind at the moment though.

>I was rold it was a 360 but I have noticed 352 molded into the block on the
>drivers side of the engine just above where the fuel pump sits. If it turns
>out to be a 352 or 360 what are some simple ways to tweak out some more
>horses? I have been thinking about an aluminum intake and headers.,
'68 F100 Custom Cab Stepside 360 4bbl


Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998 01:01:47 -0800
From: Richard Cherico
Subject: [none]

As a matter of fact, the message didn't make into digest 126, 127, or 128.
Hm... would you mind reposting it? Thanks a lot for your help.

>>I have one more question concerning the disk brake conversion. Ken says
>Did you see my reply yesterday?


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