Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 03:50:24 -0700 (MST)
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Subject: fordtrucks61-79-digest V1 #337

fordtrucks61-79-digest Thursday, November 6 1997 Volume 01 : Number 337

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Re: Twin I Beam Caster&Camber []
Re: 351 ?"M"? []
Re: Re:I found the problem! ["deconblu" ]
Re: I found the problem! []
What am I doing on line at 12:15 am ? []
351M Power? [Jim Craig ]



Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 23:56:20 -0800
Subject: Re: Twin I Beam Caster&Camber

Both caster and camber ARE adjustable! It takes special axle bending and
twisting tools that most shops don't have. Try a frame shop. Also I saw
at Pep Boys (just kidding ) at Winston Tire that there is a kit that
allows caster adjustments by putting a special bushing in where the bolt
goes through the axle and radius rod, or something like that.


Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 23:59:48 -0800
Subject: Re: 351 ?"M"?

Now I not saying that Dave is wrong. ( I'm sure that his book is just
mistaken) I just hate to be wrong!( gee I guess you all have figured
that out by now ) and when I have a book that has sooooo much accurate
info in it, it can't be wrong! ( it predicted my 289 timing chain going
out at 160000 miles, If only I had bought the book a month earlier )

Oh well I'll let it die now ( right or wrong )


deconblu wrote:
> You tell em Dana!
> Dave Resch must think we're stupid. Nothing starts with an "N" so why
> would "M" stand for nothing! Gez, some people think they can say anything!
> :]
> Deacon Blues
> ================================================
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> -----Original Message-----
> From:
> To:
> Date: Wednesday, November 05, 1997 9:52 PM
> Subject: Re: 351 ?"M"?
> >Dave Resch wrote:
> >>
> >> >From: abbott
> >> >Subject: 351 ?"M"?
> >> >
> >> >I want to clear this up once for all, I've heard too much contadictory
> >> >talk. What does the "M" in 351"M" stand for, plane "M", "Midland",
> >> >"Michigan", or "Modified"?
> >> >Thanks
> >> >- -Tyler-
> >> You guys...
> >>
> >> I'm on the digest at the office and I go home for the night, figurin'
> all's
> >> right w/ the world and day dreamin' about next weekend's automotive
> >> projects (whatever I can squeeze in between the obligatory garage
> >> "cleaning" work), and all Heck breaks loose w/ you guys bad-mouthin' my
> >> very favorite Honkin' Henry motor... Sheeesh!!
> >>
> >> According to Tom Monroe in the epic book "How to Rebuild Ford V8 Engines"
> >> that tells all you could ever want to know about the great 335 series
> >> (351C/351M/400) and 385 series (429/460) engines, the "M" stands for...
> >> nothin'
> >>
> >> No Michigan, no Modified, no Mojo, no Mo-Betta, or whatever.
> >>
> >> Ford used the "M" just to differentiate between the 351C, 351W, and 351M
> >> engines, all of which share the same displacement, but are different
> >> engines.
> >>
> >> M-block engine (351M/400) blocks were cast at both the Cleveland foundry
> >> and the Michigan Casting Center, as were the cylinder heads. M-block
> >> engines share only the heads with their 351C brother, they have different
> >> blocks, manifolds, cranks, rods, and pistons. There are a handful of
> small
> >> parts that will interchange, but the only major components that
> interchange
> >> between the 351C and M-blocks are the heads.
> >>
> >> The 351M is actually a de-stroked 400, using the same block, heads,
> >> manifolds, and rods, but a different crank (0.50" shorter stroke) and
> >> pistons. The 351M does not use the 351W crank, as someone suggested.
> >
> >
> >All I can say is see page 15, in Ford Performance by Pat Ganahl, S-A
> >Publishing Co.
> >
> >This book covers Small block, Big block FE and Cleveland and they say it
> >uses, and I quote "...Ford engineers 'modified' the 400 by installing
> >351W crankshaft in the 400 block"
> >
> >Also the 400 has the same crank journal diameters as the 351w crank. the
> >351c has smaller ones.


Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 23:40:18 -0800
From: "deconblu"
Subject: Re: Re:I found the problem!

> Well Deacon, it's your punishment for trying to pose as me on
> the 'natics list last week... THAT otta teach You!

I have no idea what you are talking about!

> Wow, there's one I haven't seen before...
> I think before You put it back together You need to make sure the
> valve isn't stuck shut. I dunno what else would break it unless
> it was just a bogus rocker shaft.

It's got me. The valve moves everything looks normal. Can't see any Abby
Normal spot in the metal. Crap oil? Poor maintenance? there's signs of this
so far.

> You can probably fish it out with a magnet on a stick, but it's
> probably best to pull the intake to make sure the lifter isn't
> damaged also.

I found the exhaust lifter had come out and jammed up the intake pushrod and
that's how it broke.

> Now's a great time change the cam and lifters!
> How about a nice 4-bbl manifold while You're at it. (-:

OK, no one had more fun than you with the "Teddi won't let you have tires"
digs. Now you suggest this? Well that leaves me with two questions:

1) Which room is mine?
2) Does she have a sister?

> Yeah, wear Your back brace!
> My condolences dude...
> Hippie motoring,

Come on Bro. It's not that far of a drive! Look, you drive 60 miles for a
part. 200 miles for a date. Couldn't you just come down here to help a
friend? I'll buy a 12 pack. You drink Lucky don't you?

Deacon Blues
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Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 00:08:51 -0800
Subject: Re: I found the problem!

My '56 273 "Y" block ran on 15 push rods for years!

Just leave it alone and save your self some time! :)


No flames please!
I am just kidding about not fixing it!

The 273 part is true though!


Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 00:12:47 -0800
Subject: What am I doing on line at 12:15 am ?


Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 04:17:21 -0600
From: Jim Craig
Subject: 351M Power?

I bought a used '77 with a 351M. The first thing that I did was to
rebuild the engine. I have heard that this one is essentially a "torque"
motor, but you play with what you have lying around. I am searching for
horsepower and have already had the bore enlarged, shaven a hair off the top
of the block added an, Edelbrock cam, manifold, and carb. I added a Jacobs
ignition when I rewired the truck(that was not fun). I am throughly pleased
with the noticable torqe increase--the truck will smoke the tires for a good
ways even with 3.08s spinning 31s; however, I use this truck to commute to
Clemson and desire more top end horsepower without losing the low end torque.
I am thinking about swapping in higher compression pistons along
with new heads and a more radical camshaft. With all this talk about my
engine, do you think that all this effort is worth it or should I just swap
in a 460?


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