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Re: the smog police are coming []
Re: the smog police are coming ["deconblu" ]



Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 22:53:24 -0700
Subject: Re: the smog police are coming

Sorry about the Length and look of this E-Mail. I receive the list in
Digest form and haven't found a good way to quote original messages.


Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 08:41:34 -0800
From: Don Grossman
Subject: Re: the smog police are coming wrote:
> John.
> Here in California we have some really strange smog regs.
> 1. 1955 and older don't need smog check at all.
> 2. 1956-1965 only need smog check at title transfer.
> 3. 1966-present needs smog check at title transfer
and every two
> years thereafter.

Just a question about part 2 there. I have purchased a 63, 65,
and a 58 within the last two years and no smog check has ever
been needed on these vehicles.


In the past 15 years I have purchased and registered a 1963 Econoline,
68 Mustang, 67 Fairlane, 56 F100, 70 Bug, (sorry!) 76 Bobcat (hey it
ran! ) and a 70 F250. Since I live in the greater Los Angles area I or
the seller had to have them smogged. ( law says seller is required to
provide smog cert to buyer ) Since you live in a non smog county you are
exempt I guess.

I have not even been able to find any smog related
requirements such as PPM's or anything if you have any let me


I couldn't find the specs for my 56 ( it was 15 years ago ) but the
specs for my 70 are as follows ( as of 3 years ago )

Idle test:

HC = less then 500 ppm (mine = 104)
CO = less then 5.0 % (mine = 1.33%)
CO2 = no test required
O2 = no test required

2500 rpm test was not required.


I want to know how much cleaner my truck is running than when
it was new. :-)

About that part 3. The every two years is under county laws.
I live in Mendocino County and no two year smog check
is necessary.


So what you are pointing out, is that you don't live in a smog
controlled county and don't have to deal with the smog regs at all. John
on the other hand is looking at the very real possibility of smog regs


> There is a new law SB-42 if the Governor signs it that
would make 1973
> and older completely exempt and in 5 years it would be
a rolling 30 or
> older exemption ( in 2002 1974 and older, 2003 1975 and
older etc. )

The latest that I have heard on SB-42 was that they were
going to change it to 1975 and then in 2001 make it a floating
25 years and newer.


My math was a little off it should be 1974 and older then in 2003 a
rolling 30 model years and older.

Check out the following site for all the info:[BILL.CURRENT.SB.FROM0000.SB0042]

Please note: for some reason the last bracket ( ] ) will be missing
from the URL when you see it. Go ahead and click on the link then after
it comes up and says "no info found" add the last bracket the the URL
name in your "Go To" box and hit enter. This worked when I tested it.

> what I have done regarding smog checks:
> On a 1956 F100 I had to get it smogged once when I
registered it. It
> filled the room up with smoke but it still passed, ( that's
the one that
> only had 15 push rods. I.E. 7 cylinders ) for that year
the regs are
> very
> liberal. After that I could do as I pleased.

I have never had a vehicle even looked at by the DMV, All
they ever ask me for is the paperwork.


You missed the point it is not the DMV who is looking at your engine,
it's the smog check stations and if you don't pass the visual you don't


> On my 1970 F250 had to smog it to transfer title and
every other year
> there after. I kept it externally stock, had all the hoses
etc. Cam and
> other internals? Who's going to check, as long as it is
still within
> specs at the tail pipe.( I have never failed a test. )
> Since you don't have smog regs now you can probably do
whatever you want
> and it will be Grandfathered ( I.E. was changed before law
went into
>effect ) if you do get smog checks. Worst case you spend
some time in a
> pick-your-part getting carb, manifold, dist, hoses,
switches, heck just
> buy the whole engine. (swap, get smog check, swap back)
> A change happened here a number of years ago.
> Old law:
> If you swapped an engine, it needed to meet the smog regs
of the model
> year auto/truck it was being put in. ( I.E. 1975 engine in
a 56 needed
> to meet the 56 smog regs )
> New Law
> If you swapped an engine, it needed to meet the smog
regs of the model
> year auto/truck it was taken from. ( I.E. 1975 engine in
a 56 needed to
> meet the 75 smog regs )Ouch!!!!!!!

If nobody ever looks under the hood how are they going to
tell if you have a 75 engine in a 56?


once again you missed the point. It's the smog check stations that look
at your engine. (and they DO look at the engine) most of the techs know
the difference between a "Y" block and a modern small or big block.


> You should get political, write/E-mail your State
Assembly, Governor,
> Etc. and suggest they look at California's SB-42 as a
sensible way to
> deal with the problem for older vehicles.
> Good luck whatever you decide.
> Dana

- --
Don Grossman

63 Ford F-250 4x4 67' 390, t-98, Spicer 24, Dana 60,
Dana 44

Phase 172: rebuild front suspension


Hope it wasen't too hard to understand!



Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 22:58:02 -0700
From: "deconblu"
Subject: Re: the smog police are coming

>> Did someone say I want alot for my money? :)
>> Jim Strigas
>>Deacon Blues

Just a joke in reference to the Pamona Fair S/M.

>All I want to know is why the heck is all this being done,
>Its not like they use the fees to clean the air??
>The air quality in L.A. has gone down ever year since c.'83
>The reason being that new cars have better smog and exaust emissions.
>For the maybe
>each year, its not going to cause a problem with air quality.
>Think of all the classics on the road? IT belces and gags so much
>exaust and smoke, they still passed it...

In the words of Leo Gets "They Buick you at the DMV" words have been
changed. See Road House to see what Buick was changed from.
Yes air quality has improved in Ca. in the last 25 years do to emission
standards on new automobiles. But if the laws are not about money then why a
visual check. If it passes a sniffer you would think that was good enough.
But No! Someone may have modified their intake or exhaust system to improve
the vehicles performance.
Another rip-off is smog stations. I found one that checks your car first
before hooking it to the one that sends the information to Sacramento. Some
just send the first check thru and if you don't pass your screwed.
If C.A.R.B. is concerned about air quality what's the deal with smog
credits! Until we stop P.A.Cs from buying laws we will never get blind

>So I still dont understand why I have to pay a extra fee when I bought a
>new car from out of state.

Feet back and spread them! No, not the feet! ;)

>And YES, I do want alot fror my money...*s*..;)

We all do. The problem here is getting nothing for our money...*s*...}:[

I wonder what will happen in a year when you need to smog it agian. Is that
sticker $$$ to a Smog Tec?

Jim Strigas
aka Deacon Blues
From Southern California where life is a beach!
Nuke the unborn baby whales.
Visit my homepage
or for T-Bird lovers


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