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fordtrucks61-79-digest Tuesday, September 30 1997 Volume 01 : Number 248

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Re: the smog police are coming []
Re: Ohm's law []
Re: Ohms law.. []
Re: ADMIN: Please give me any event information you have ["MICHAEL FRISCH]
Re: the smog police are coming []
Re: Fuel tank coatings []



Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 22:23:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Anyone ??

>Does anyone know what year brake boosters are interchangeable??
>need 1 for a 78'F150 4x4...Next...Can anyone help me with converting my
>64' F100 brakes from drums to disc....will a newer ford p/u...73'
>through 79' bolt up ???

>Thanks for any help....Brian

If your truck is a 1964 then you have a solid front axle. This was the
last year Ford put a solid axle under the F-100. In 1965 they introduced the
twin I beam that basically remained unchanged (updated with disk brakes of
course) until 1979. Converting late sixties and early seventies trucks to
disk is for the most part a bolt on operation from junk yard components.
Converting 1964 and earlier trucks can also be a bolt on operation but you
will have to find a company that supplies a kit to adapt rotors and calipers
to your existing spindles. I have a catalog from a company that specializes
in brakes but they only have disk kits that fit 1937-1956 trucks.

Hope this helps

Jon E. Purut

1965 F100 Daily Driver
1965 F100 Parts Truck Hoping To Revive As F350 Super Duty
1970 Mustang Fastback
1977 F150 Parts Truck
1993 Escort Wagon (wifes car)


Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 19:42:30 -0700
Subject: Re: the smog police are coming


Here in California we have some really strange smog regs.

1. 1955 and older don't need smog check at all.
2. 1956-1965 only need smog check at title transfer.
3. 1966-present needs smog check at title transfer and every two
years thereafter.

There is a new law SB-42 if the Governor signs it that would make 1973
and older completely exempt and in 5 years it would be a rolling 30 or
older exemption ( in 2002 1974 and older, 2003 1975 and older etc. )

what I have done regarding smog checks:

On a 1956 F100 I had to get it smogged once when I registered it. It
filled the room up with smoke but it still passed, ( that's the one that
only had 15 push rods. I.E. 7 cylinders ) for that year the regs are
liberal. After that I could do as I pleased.

On my 1970 F250 had to smog it to transfer title and every other year
there after. I kept it externally stock, had all the hoses etc. Cam and
other internals? Who's going to check, as long as it is still within
specs at the tail pipe.( I have never failed a test. )

Since you don't have smog regs now you can probably do whatever you want
and it will be Grandfathered ( I.E. was changed before law went into
effect ) if you do get smog checks. Worst case you spend some time in a
pick-your-part getting carb, manifold, dist, hoses, switches, heck just
buy the whole engine. (swap, get smog check, swap back)

A change happened here a number of years ago.

Old law:

If you swapped an engine, it needed to meet the smog regs of the model
year auto/truck it was being put in. ( I.E. 1975 engine in a 56 needed
to meet the 56 smog regs )

New Law

If you swapped an engine, it needed to meet the smog regs of the model
year auto/truck it was taken from. ( I.E. 1975 engine in a 56 needed to
meet the 75 smog regs )Ouch!!!!!!!

You should get political, write/E-mail your State Assembly, Governor,
Etc. and suggest they look at California's SB-42 as a sensible way to
deal with the problem for older vehicles.

Good luck whatever you decide.



Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 20:57:28 -0700
Subject: Re: Ohm's law

>Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 07:10:58 -0700
>Subject: Re: Ohm's law
>Hay, My truck has a mass of about 510 stones!

Really? 7140 lbs is quite a bit.. What kind of truck do You drive? F350?

Steve Delanty


Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 20:57:34 -0700
Subject: Re: Ohms law..

>> (Next weeks homework question: "How many Angstroms in a Furlong"?)

>2.01168e+012 (give or take)
>Kevin Lindstedt

I would have accepted "a metric sh!tload"...

Steve Delanty


Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 21:19:32 PDT
Subject: Re: ADMIN: Please give me any event information you have


You sure do want alot for your money...*s*..
Im not sure, but Ill post the days...


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> >Ken,
>>You can always list the swap meet every 6th Sunday at the Pomona Fair
>>Plex in Ca.
>When is the next one?
>Also there is a truck race at the California Speedway coming in Oct. I
>know anything more but I'll try and find out.
>Deacon Blues
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>or send me a fan or flame at not both. Never fan a
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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 22:08:07 -0700
Subject: Re: the smog police are coming

> As Ms. Manners would say
> Good Morning Gentle Ford Persons...
> I'm in the beginning stages of an engine build for a '53 F-100 street
> truck..
> Engine will be a Lincoln 460. Plan on building it mild with
> streetable performance the goal.
> All you guys in Cal. have to deal with the smog police and yearly
> inspections/testing, but here in Ala (the 51st state to ever do
> anything) we are still inspection free.

Here in CA, only cars '65 and newer need to be smogged.(at this time)
If You have a '53 here, You could put anything You want in it and be O.K.
Sorry to hear the smog gestapo is coming to Your town... )-:

Happy motoring,

Steve Delanty


Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 22:08:09 -0700
Subject: Re: Fuel tank coatings

>> It only holds 2 gallons, and it's custom built to fit where I need
>> it to live. Just got it finished yesterday. It's for my "new"
>> heater.

>This reminds me, I always got chills thinking about driving down the
>road with gas inside the cab like the VW's used to do. I presume the
>heater is gravity fed so the idea of using the vehicle's fuel tank
>and pump to supply it is out of the question? Having pressure fed
>fuel in the cab would probably be worse, don't know?

Thanks for the concern Gary, we all gotta watch out and try to keep each
other from doing something really STOOPID!

Actually, the heater lives in the engine compartment.
Only the hot air gets ducted into the cab. No fuel in the cab..
Exhaust exits thru it's own "tailpipe".
The fuel tank will be under the truck bolted to the left frame rail.
My little homemade fuel tank is WAY heavy duty, and would survive an impact
that would total the truck.

The heater does have its own electric fuel pump. I want to use a seperate fuel
tank because it gives me a choice of fuels. The heater was designed to run
on gasoline, but also runs great on kerosine or diesel. I have "bench run"
it on all 3.
I haven't tried used motor oil yet, but it would probably work fine...

The Bosch heaters are actually a very nice item, with stainless steel heat
exchanger, electric fuel pump, forced air blowers for both hot "cab air",
and for combustion air, and glow plug ignition.
I've got a second one I may set up for propane for another application.
It's too bad they aren't available anymore, they make a BUNCH of heat.
I LOVED the one in my '66 bus!

I've added a box full of custom home-built electronics to "keep an eye" on
the heater and shut down the fuel pump if "something bad" happens.
I'm not particularly worried about safety on this thing. It's now a fine
mix of 60's and 90's technology, and is probably way safer than the rest of
the truck. It's a '71 F100, so I've got 18 gallons of gas in the cab
about 8" behind my butt anyway...
I can assure You I've devised this heater installation to be as safe as
possible, including possible dangers from fuel leaks, carbon monoxide, and
heater overtemp. (I have close friends and lovers who may ride in this truck!)
Even the control electronics are designed so that the most likely electronic
failures result in fuel shutdown.
A decade and a half of industrial equipment control design and repair has
taught me a few things!

>2 gals makes one heck of a fire if it ever gets loose. I blew myself
>up trying to burn some brush and only put about a pint on the pile.
>(big pile) What a surprise that was! :-( Arms and legs peeled for
>weeks but no permantent damage except my pride :-)

Yeah, just a dab'll do Ya..! I used about 1/2 cup of coleman fuel
(white gas) to start the BBQ one time... It took several weeks for my
eyebrows to grow back!
The "one match" charcoal starter.. )-:
Gasoline deserves PLENTY of respect!!

Happy motoring,

Steve Delanty


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