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61-79-list-digest Sunday, November 28 1999 Volume 03 : Number 438

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RE: FTE 61-79 - Transmission Lube
FTE 61-79 - 50wt Oil in a Trans
FTE 61-79 - 428CJ GT500 heads
FTE 61-79 - First firing.....the whole story
RE: FTE 61-79 - Transmission Lube
FTE 61-79 - Re: It's running
FTE 61-79 - A LIL MO' INFO
Re: FTE 61-79 - Transmission Lube
Re: FTE 61-79 - First firing.....the whole story
FTE 61-79 - Trans and rad. ID
FTE 61-79 - Stock Man's 240
FTE 61-79 - Who I am!
FTE 61-79 - RE: It's alive!
Re: FTE 61-79 - GT 500 heads
Re: FTE 61-79 - 50wt Oil in a Trans
FTE 61-79 - Radiator in a 400



Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 05:43:21 -0800
From: "Hogan, Tom"
Subject: RE: FTE 61-79 - Transmission Lube

Helm Publishing Inc is the publisher for the factory service manuals for
Ford and many other makes. It's not one book but a series of volumes. For
my 76 it was 5 plus a wiring diagram that was out of print when I ordered
mine. :0( The Helm manuals are year specific, and have all modles for that
year. In my set I have bronco, F-100 -- F-600?, vans, 300 I6, 302, 351W, FE
series, 460, as well as large truck engines, all torque specs etc. I paid
$120 US for mine and were worth every penny. The only thing I haven't been
able to find is specific vacuum harness wiring diagrams. There is info on
emissions controls but not a digram to show where the vacuum hookups would
be on a specific modle.

Check them out at http:.// . The reason I suggested E-bay is
that Helm has stopped printing many of the earlier manuals.

Tom H

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From: Kiernan, Denny []
Sent: Friday, November 26, 1999 2:30 PM
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - Transmission Lube

Hogan, Tom wrote:
> . . . BTW I would start
> checking E-bay for a used set of Helms manual and use the chilton to keep
> your jackstands off that dirty shop floor. Better application for the
> chilton's manual :0)

Is there one particular book that is regarded as the bible for the '72

'72 F-100 360 2WD 4-speed manual, with140K on it
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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 06:25:41 -0800 (PST)
From: Bill Ballinger
Subject: FTE 61-79 - 50wt Oil in a Trans

>This has been discussed before. I remember that
>someone ditched the
>for engine oil and his shifting improved noticably.
I >think the
>was that the lighter oil is an improvement in this
>case. BTW I would
>checking E-bay for a used set of Helms manual and use
>the chilton to
>your jackstands off that dirty shop floor. Better
>application for the
>chilton's manual :0)

I been using Mobiltrans synthetic SHC50 in my
transnission(NP435) and transfer case (Dana24)for a
year or so. It is some really good stuff. It's used
in big Eatons and RoadRangers in over-the-road trucks.
Used to be it would kill the engine if you let the
clutch out in nuetral on a cool morning, and be real
stiff shifting when I used 90 wt gear oil. Now, you
can start it in nuetral with the clutch out on the
coldest morning. And you'd think it was a summer day
shifting it.

But, the key to this is the synthetic lube. Regular
50 wt engine oil is about the same viscosity as 90 wt
gear lube when warm, and about 2/3's as thick when
cold. It just doesn't have the extreme pressure
additives for hyphoid gear specification, and it's
these additives that cause it to get REAL stiff when
cold. Think of that before you take off too quick on
a cold morning with your Bobcat in tow.

Synthetic lubes DO get past old seals, don't let
anyone BS you about it, so if you switch to it expect
to replace some seals, or like me, let er drip until
it's time to pull it out. But it's worth it, the
difference in drive quality in cool weather is nothing
shrt of amazing.
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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 06:56:38 -0800 (PST)
From: Bill Ballinger
Subject: FTE 61-79 - 428CJ GT500 heads

>CJ ...... I have heard that this casting was used for
>some of the
>Since the 428CJ was the powerplant for these cars I
>would think that
>heads would have the CJ sized valves in them. This
>would make them
>than your standard 390/360 heads. However I have two
>pair of C7AE-A
>and neiter have the big valves in them nor have I
ever >seen this
>combination(thats not to say I have seen it all... :)

The GT-500 had the plain-jane 428 station wagon engine
in it, with the aluminum 428 PI intake. They had
these heads which were in every respect similar to the
standard issue '61-'65 heads, the squared off 71-74 cc
chambers and tall 2.25 inch intake ports, which other
later style 390 castings (68-71 cc and 2.06 inch
intake ports) of the vintage didn't have. These heads
are very good standard issue heads and can accomodate
CJ valves. With the right manifold and cam (which
with the big valves really was the key to the CJ's
power more than anything) you wouldn't notice much if
any difference in my opinion.

The GT500 KR had the 428 CJ in all it's glory, and got
the aluminum intake to boot. None AFAIK had the SCJ
option which would have included LeMans rods though.
But they did have the special head casting that
distinguishes them from the standard 428, and the
earlier GT 500 incarnation.

Do You Yahoo!?
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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 09:21:02 -0600
From: Stu Varner
Subject: FTE 61-79 - First firing.....the whole story


Allow me to give a little background info on the engine/truck in question.
The truck, a Mojave tan 1971 F-100 4x4 swb with original paint etc, was
originally bought in March of 1996 from the 2nd owner.
I drove the the truck until January 1998 when I started the frame/body off

during the resto: January 1998 to November 1999

Over 1,000 hours have been put into the truck in the last 22 months.
Tony Marino has helped with alot (96.4%) of the front end work and acted as
"teacher" to me for the front hub/axle assemblies
since I had never tackled them before. Several people have helped by
selling, trading and locating parts etc.

Had the body painted piece by piece in march 1999.

Jim Elliott suggested his favorite engine builder, Danny Carroll in
Springfield, TN.
Danny expressly enjoys rebuilding antique, racing and obsolete engines and
really favors Fords and Rolls Royce engines
so he was an excellent choice - IMVHO.........had many phone conversations
with him before I decided it would be "ok" to let him do the engine/machine
work which included completely reworking the heads using all new materials,
bored the block 0.030, new pistons, polished the crank blah blah blah.
Built an absolutely stunning short block and heads! He really is Da' Man!!

Short block sits in my shop from March 15th until July ?? when I finally
got time to build it.....enter the neighbor,
FE building guru John Hames.....slapped the engine together (under his
guidance) one evening and within 3 days went from bare frame to
engine/tranny, cab and bed, front clip.....late July, "The Kid" Marino
comes down from Ohio to do front axles......Football season starts in late
July and the truck sits in moth balls.

Fast-forward 3 1/2 months to November, 1999


Primed the oil pump and engine after adding 5 quarts of non detergent oil
(NO lectures on what oil to use during break in!!)
dropped the new distributer would crank for a split second and
occasionally the starter would hang open.....replaced the brand new
autolite repop starter solenoid with the 28 year old one......fired right
up on the first crank and
other than the fact I felt like I was a proud poppa again, it all went very
well. There is nothing like the sound of a big block FE!! Even though I
love my 4.6 Romeo mod motor in my Crown Vic, today's motors simply don't
have the same old feel
as a 335 (how's that Daver?), FE or 385.

The engine was sooooo smooth and revved sooooo good. It was truly an
amazing thing to see my old FE run so good again......we let it go
yesterday for over an hour after cam break in. EVERYTHING went just as
Time ran out......Today, finish bleeding the breaks and then for a trip
around the block. 8^)

Basically, I would have never attempted to rebuild the engine or even
restore the truck if it wasn't for this list and it's members. Thanks Ken,
for providing all you do to each of us!! Thanks guys for all the knowledge
you have shared since April of 1996 when I joined the list.

And yes fellas (gender specific), I did enjoy a big fat dog rocket (cigar)
last night in honor of the first cranking!

Nuke GM! (the site is up for a few more URL
coming soon)
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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 08:27:05 -0800
From: Tim Bowman
Subject: RE: FTE 61-79 - Transmission Lube

Last year following the advise of this list (like Burt in Kennewick
noted) and the official manual, I drained what looked to be goop out of
my 4 speed and refilled it with 50 weight. It really smoothed up the
shift. I also had to talk the auto parts counter person out of using 90

- --
Tim Bowman
Burien, WA

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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 08:29:06 -0800
From: Tim Bowman
Subject: FTE 61-79 - Re: It's running


I'm with Ken, nothing like the smell of paint burning off the heads or
manifolds of a newly started engine.

Keep on trucking. I'm giving some consideration to Pigeon Forge. Maybe
we can meet there. What are the dates again?

- --
Tim Bowman
Burien, WA

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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 09:42:15 PST
From: "NP 540"
Subject: FTE 61-79 - A LIL MO' INFO

Now my turn.
My name is Gérald. 36 years old. Single. I am from a small village
in north-eastern New-Brunswick, Canada. I am Acadian. (What is an Acadian?
well, my ancestors came from France in 1604 to found Acadia, but in
1755........well, this is history, not for FTE!) I am
french-speaking (the only one on this list?), but I can speak/write
english quite well! Presently, I am a humble fish-plant worker, having
a REAL hard-time being a Ford-fan among a bunch of GM-freaks! ;-)
My first car was given to me by my late father: '47 Chev* 2-doors.
sold it to a guy in 1982, changed hands 2 times, now is a really nice
street-rod! :-D
Second car was also given to me by my father: '71 VW Super-Beetle.
Used it ONCE as a "beach-buggy" on the beach, before being mine...
lotsa fun! But once mine, took it COMPLETELY apart for restoration...
OUCH! Lotsa rust from that once-in-it's-life "beach-run" a few years
earlier! ;-) Still have it, in pieces, in my shed.
3rd car: 1980 Ford Pinto "Rallye" hatchback, 2.3L automatic.
First car I ever had "on the road"! :-D Lotsa fun with it! This one
definitely had me hooked on FORDS! :D Loved it soooo much, I even
had to have EVERY car magazines articles written about those Pintos.
That's how my extensive car magazines collection started, and from
those, I learned almost everything I know about cars and trucks now.
Now put "on blocks" due to transmission's imminent failure, awaiting
302 or 351W-4V swap....... ;-)
4th car: 1976 Ford Custom 4-doors (LTD), 351M, FMX.
Believe it or not, with that car, with an almost worn-out engine, I
could get 30 MPG on the highway! (Canadian gallons, that gives around
25MPG in USA, I think). The only "trick" for that, is about 35-40 psi.
or air in the tires, steady speed at 55MPH, and driving using a
vacuum-gauge. :-D Now for sale, to make room for my trucks.
5th, 6th, 7th cars (well, trucks!):
1978 F-150 SuperCab Ranger-XLT, 4x4, 351M, NP435-205, junk body
1979 F-150 regular cab, 4x4, 351M, NP435-205, junk-body
1975 F-250 SuperCab, camper-special, 2x4, 390-C6, junk-body,
no engine, no transmission.
Those were a "package-deal" too good to let go of! Just aquired
last week.
8th car: 1979 F-150 regular-cab, 2x4, 300L6, 4-speed. Not yet mine,
but with a little FTE luck...... ;)
My first experience in a Ford truck? It was in a 1976(?) 3/4 ton
Ford truck belonging to my late step-brother that I went over 100MPH
for the fist time! (as a passenger). I vividly remember about it, not
feeling very safe at that speed! :-)
Being a person who loves to "thinker" with mecanical things, about
2 years ago, I stumbled on an old 5-speed transmission in a neighbor's
garage, noticing with great interest it's PTO! After some
bargaining, finaly got it for $7.00 canadian money! :) I was intending
to use it in place of the 3-speed in my late-father's homemade
tractor. But upon opening it, and counting the gears-ratios, It was
obvious for me that this would be the PERFECT (?) truck transmission!
After much searching with the local big-trucks dealers, I finally
found out it was made by New-Process, model NP540. And since at that
time, I was just begining to surf the web...... Hence my E-mail
adress! :-) Mather of fact, the first post I did on FTE was that
transmission's bolt-paterns, gear-ratios, dimensions.
Why I joined FTE? I had my eyes on those trucks (5th and 6th) for a few
years! Learned quite a lot on FTE!
As hobbies, I like mountain-biking, mather of fact, I built my own
front suspension/drum-brake for mine for $5.00! :-) Also, since 1972, I
build plastic model kits, mostly cars and trucks and sci-fi kits.
Cross-country skiing. Cast-Iron Safari aficionado! ( I L-O-V-E
junk-yard hunting!). Car-magazines collector. (how much I have? Lets
put-it this way: "not quite enough"!) ;-) Heck, I even bought the
"Hollander Interchange Manuals", 1964-1982 about 15 years ago! Handy
indeed, those manuals!
Also Flight-simulators enthusiast; I have JANES FIGHTERS ANTHOLOGY (very
good!!) and Microsoft Flight-Simulator 98. About the '98, I must be on top
of the US-NAVY's "Most wanted a**holes" list, as I am the (only??) one to
have succesfully landed a Cessna on an aircraft carrier BY THE FRONT, with a
tail-wind! Twice. :-D (of course, not before having crashed at least
300 times... ;-) I LOVE those flight-sims! :-D
I have 2 cats: "Mimine" (mother) and "Poupoune"(daughter). Never
could teach them to "hunt" car parts in the woods. They like mices
way too much. :-)
My dream truck? 73-79 F-250 SuperCab 4x4, Dana60/Dana60, ARB
locker in the front, Limited-Slip in the back, NP205, NP540 5-speed
or other manual transmission with more gears, 400-4v, like Hot-Rod
magazine article buildup of last year. Regular cab, with 10-feet
flat-bed, with losta gadgets to go "cast-iron safari", 36-38 tires.
My dream car? 79-80 Ford Pinto cruising-wagon, 351W-stroker
(408 cid), 6-speeds, 9-inch IRS, ac, with a few "unconventional"
modifications, like a "CORVETTE KILLER" blinking sign in the back-
window........., etc, etc,..... :-D
My dream garage? 2-levels, HUGE, room for at least 10 cars/trucks,
lotsa tools, mig-welder, plasma-cutter, with of course a well-stocked
PAVED back-yard.......(gotta dream big!) ;-)
Favotite dessert: Vanilla ice-cream, topped with B-B-Q'd peanuts
(yummy! really!!)
My dream woman? about 5'6"-5'11"....ack, I write too much! ;-)

See ya!

Gerry the Acadian guy
Vive le FORD!

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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 12:25:42 -0800
From: Don79XLT
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - Transmission Lube

Hey Denny, If you feel embarassed about being an amateur and asking
questions then this whole list is in trouble. ;-) You may well be asking
questions that someone else also may want to know! I have been on this list
since it began I think, and have learned an awful lot! I have also asked my
share of "amatuer questions". ;-)
Welcome to the list!
At 08:39 PM 11/26/99 -0700, you wrote:

>I feel embarassed that, being such an amateur, I cant contribute
>anything to this forum except questions.
>'72 F-100 360 2WD Manual everything, 140K

'79 Bronco Ranger XLT, 400,4.11's open diff,LT235x16",np205,and C6
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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 18:03:11 -0500
From: j arnold
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - First firing.....the whole story

Congrats, Stu.

Hope to see it at Pigeon Forge this year.


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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 18:46:24 -0500
From: "Gary L. Perry"
Subject: FTE 61-79 - Trans and rad. ID

Have 4-spd. from F-600. It's a New Process w/aluminum
top, seems taller than p/up. Has large pilot shaft.
Has following no. on it: C 95711
Thought I saw T-98 designation on it B-4, now can't
find it. Is it a T-98? Can I change input shaft to put
in a p/up? Anyone need one of these?

Have a rad., maybe from 50's. Numbers on tank:
TAAM-AI (or 1)
58 2
I'm thinking 58 is year and other is part no.
Anyone have parts book to ID??

Thanx, "G"

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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 18:49:17 EST
Subject: FTE 61-79 - Stock Man's 240

At 6:05 p.m. EST...with absolutely no fanfare (that is after replacing a
faulty thermostat housing gasket)...the 240 I have been rebuilding for my 66
*roared* to life (I know it's not quite an FE Stu but it's a *sweet* sound
nevertheless). I still have a few more new engine decals
(which I will purchase through the FTE site of course). Thanks to the list
and everyone's encouragement. I'll probably post a few more pictures later
on my web site.

Stock Man
1967 Galaxie 500 Convertible (HELP!---I need 15 x5 factory rims)
1967 F-250 FE 390 4wd
1966 F-250 I6 240 2wd LWB Flare Side
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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 19:09:22 -0500
From: "Gary L. Perry"
Subject: FTE 61-79 - Who I am!

I'm late on my Bio., just kinda shy. I am 45, married (so far) for
23 yrs., 2 kids, Boy 20 who has NO interest in cars no matter
how hard I tried, Girl 17, holy terror! I live in Huntington, IN
(NE) and grew-up in southern WI. Moved to IN with GM (sorry)
when new 88 trucks were started. Most of my family are GM
fans and I like 50's Chevy's and 50's Fords best. I have had
and favored lots of Ford pick-ups from 70's mostly. I've always
liked one-tons or bigger the most. Ford trucks are harder to
work on because parts don't interchage as easy, yet either
brand seems as good as the other to me. I've even had Dodges
and Jeeps. My current project is a 56 COE that's been a
real head-ache, yet I press on. The older I get, the Less I
like to crawl under vehicles, no matter how many tools
I have. I have a 24x36 garage off the house to work in,
Not Big Enough, full of trucks, parts, and a Minneapolis-
Moline tractor I'm also working on. I got tractor to satisfy
my mechanix blood and get out of trucks. HA! Can't
keep away, even tho I've given away all my parts and stuff
to do that once!
I also own a 54 Chevy 2-ton, 82 chevy diesel (first), and
a 98 Blazer for SWMBO. She gets new, while I get by with
whatever. I'm new to list and computers and have struck
some Bad chords in my past lists. I'll try to be nicer from
now on.
Thanx, Gary L. Perry

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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 22:51:11 -0500
From: Tim Anderson
Subject: FTE 61-79 - RE: It's alive!

Hey Stu,
Congrats on the firing of your engine! It's gotta
feel great to see (and hear) all of your effort
pay off. I'm looking forward to seeing that rig
of yours one of these days. Way to go!

Tim in Anchorage
'67 F-100
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Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 00:35:13 EST
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - GT 500 heads

428 cobra jets were not released until 68 1/2 and the 68 shelby's with the
428 cj were called Gt500 KR (king of the road) prior to to this the 428's
were police or passenger car engines. the cobra jet head casting # is C8OE-
some GT 500's actualy had 390's in them and some of the 67's had 427's in
them. any FE factory installed in a mustang or cougar should have some
horizontal bolts and a few of them will be the vertical bolts. the cobra jet
head has four bolts on all eight exhaust ports.
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Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 00:38:05 EST
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - 50wt Oil in a Trans

most of the late model manual transmissions use automatic transmission fluid.
and i know that some of the big truck trannys call for dextron 2 synthetic

jeff grant
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Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 01:15:19 -0800
From: "Jeff Norville"
Subject: FTE 61-79 - Radiator in a 400


Just read that radiator capacity for the 351M is 20 quarts while the 400
takes 22 quarts. Uh oh. Had planned on recondition of old radiator (mated
to a 351) to use with the motor upgrade to the 400.

How much difference could two quarts make? Half a gallon? Over four pounds
of coolant...? Start pounding graveyards?

- ---
Speaking of cool tools and the giving season, anybody have a favorite
brand/model air compressor? Was considering Craftsman, either 20 or 25

Happy turkey sandwiches to all and to all a good night.

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