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FTE 61-79 - c#$%ies/Turn signals
Re: FTE 61-79 - changing round headlights to square



Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 22:55:27 -0800
From: "J.S.H."
Subject: FTE 61-79 - c#$%ies/Turn signals

If I wanted to hear about how good c#$*ies were,I'd pick up
Hot Rod Magazine,watch Hot Rod TV (or whatever they call that show now)
or listen to the guys at work swap lies about thier leaky,rattlin',blue
smokin', rod knockin'rust buckets(It is
fun watching them jump start each other tho).

FORD truck content:
"I have a 73 F100 with an aftermarket steering wheel. I always
have to
shut them off after I turn, it's not that tough, but every now and then
I forget until I'm a few miles down the road (makes me feel kinda dumb).

Would it have to do with the switch in the column? Or is there
something on the back of the steering wheel that cancels the signals?

Yes,the piece you need is on the back of a stock steering wheel.
Its a black metal piece around the bottom of the wheel.
Looks like this O- .The tab must be centered between the two plastic
of the turn signal switch with the wheels straight.If you have a Grant
you will have to cut a slot in the piece and pull it open a little to
get it to fit.
Good Luck.
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Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 03:30:02 -0500
From: David Wadson
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - changing round headlights to square

>Hi Marty ! I like that grill also ,but I have to tell you that this grill
>first appeared in 1978 . There were two different headlamps offered with
>this grill in 78 . The custom trimmed truck came with round headlamps and
>the higher level models came with rectangular headlamps that year . Then
>in 1979 , all models were fitted with rectangular headlamps . Sorry , I
>cant help with your swap though .

Interesting! That's probably why my new truck (relatively speaking!) is a
78 with square headlights. I assumed that someone had changed it over from
round lights but maybe it came that way - it's a 78 Custom.

David Wadson - wadsondair.on.ca
"PS2" - 78 F100/302/C4

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