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FTE 61-79 - Re: ADMIN: List split issue
FTE 61-79 - Re: 360-390 help please
RE: Re: FTE 61-79 - Dishonesty
FTE 61-79 - That's why they call it the blues



Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 23:37:37 -0800
From: Vogt Family
Subject: FTE 61-79 - Re: ADMIN: List split issue

On Tue, 01 Dec 1998, Ken Payne wrote:
> Mail traffic is making it fairly obvious that this list
> is going to have to be split up soon. I've discussed
> a couple of options with some list members via private
> email.
> One good idea is the following:
> Take the pre61 list and make it a 56 and earlier list.
> Make a new list covering the 57-64 and the 61-79 list
> would then cover 65-79.

Well, I think me and Don are the only people on the list who have really
old four-bys. I can't think of who else has a truck older than 64. So
take this for what it's worth, but my interest is making this very ill
mannered old beast into something my mom could drive. Not that she
wants to but it would make me hate the truck less. So losing the
up-to-79 portion would be a loss indeed to me. However, I can't see how
it can be done any other way. Between the performance, offroad, and
Ohio State's EFI list (of which I delete most digests unread), something
would have to go. I guess that the only real question now is how to
split it up. Seening as how I also have a '66 and it shares almost
nothing with my '61 besides looks, I'd have to say pre '65 is a good
splitting point.

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Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 23:51:58 -0800
From: Vogt Family
Subject: FTE 61-79 - Re: 360-390 help please

On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, juredd - Justin Reddell wrote:
> Thanks to everyone that helped me out with this. I was able to take the oil pan off turn the crank to where I could get a casting # off one of a connecting rod. It was C7TE - A which figures out to be for a 360 motor. Along with the 2TA crank this makes for a bad combination when I was expecting a 390. So as some of you said I got screwed on this deal. I was hoping to prove you wrong but no luck. The worst thing about it is I talked with the guys about this motor over the phone before I bought it and everything sounded good. I had the sucker shipped all the way from Eastport ME, 378.00 bucks. Not to mention what the motor cost. I just never thought that I should ask what the casting #'s where before I bought it. I try to take people at their word. Their word just doesn't seem be any good any more. Go figure. Now they want even return my calls or email. OK I will quiet telling my sob story now. Thanks for the help. You all went out of your way.

Sorry to hear that. However, don't despair--a 360 is a tolerable
motor. Seeing as you bought it, I'd assume that you have an application
for it. And since you paid a fair amount I'd assume it's fairly fresh.
Think--short stroke = high RPM. So do whatever to the pushrods, slap a
big old cam and a big old manifold with a big old carb and some big old
headers and go wind it to the moon. When it blows up make a 390 or 410
out of it.

You could sell it. Somebody needs one, I'm sure.

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Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 01:08:27 -0800
From: donkinearth.wnm.net
Subject: RE: Re: FTE 61-79 - Dishonesty

Hmm, kinda what happened to me, except backwards... i was told
the engine in my truck was a 351m and turned out to be a 351c
when i had it most of the way apart :-( Darn good running for

a wheezing gas hog severely needing a rebuild though :-)

Shawn Donkin
'68 F100 2wd (351m/c6

JJJJJGRANTaol.com Wrote on
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 20:53:50 EST
everyone should be aware, i know of alot of 427's and 428's that

turned out to
be 360's and 390's, many 429 cobra jets turn out to be std 429's,

many 351m
and 400's
are thought to be 351c and many boss 302's turn out to be std

302. i've been
on many wild goose chases hoping to find that deal.
my experiences
jeff grant
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Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 00:17:15 -0800
From: "Deacon"
Subject: FTE 61-79 - That's why they call it the blues

Hi all!
Last week the bad karma dog bit us again. We're all OK but a fire took
almost everything else. The Fords made it but the house and most of what was
in it, is gone. We'll be living in a motel for the next 5 months while the
house is rebuilt and we buy the things that can be replaced. It's hard to be
bummed out with all the people coming to our aid. But it's still no party.
It's given me another reason to hate insurance companies. They can come up
with more reasons to delay giving up some cash! :( But hey! Things could be
worse (I'm sure it will be proven). I lost a bunch of hair too! :[ I keep
asking "Why the hair"! Hair don't grow on trees you know, and mines been
with me for a long time. ;]

So, anyone want to ask me why I'm Deacon Blues? Some talk about it. Some
sing about it. I live it!

Deacon Blues
- ------------------------
Some like them Fast! Some like them custom!
I like mine Paid For!
'73 F100
Oh, Give me a home, An Internet to roam, And my wife will not see me all

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