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Re: FTE 61-79 - EFI on a '73 302
Re: FTE 61-79 - 160 degree t-stats and radials
Re: FTE 61-79 - H*lp! Need 1963 front Disks??



Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 21:33:30 -0700
From: "Deacon"
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - EFI on a '73 302

First I'd like to thank all who have responded on EFI. My friends was
the first one I have worked on and was surprised how simple it was to
work on. I would like to go with this even if it's not the best
conditions, it's better than what I have.

From: luxjothecore.com AKA OX
>What years? 86 through 88 T-birds used the non-HO 5.0. 86, 5.0 HO's

I was given bad info OX. On EFI for beginners they say All 5-liter
Mustangs built between 1986 and '95 (and all 5-liter Mercury Capris
built in 1986) are equipped with sequential electronic fuel injection, a
type of port fuel injection. At the heart of this system is the EEC-IV .
So does that mean I can get some of my parts from an '86 Capri?
After reading your post I began searching the Internet and found a
great site with all the info I can handle for now. I will share what I
find with the list as much as I can, if only to add graphics so all can
see what OX describes. So far I have only found info that concurs with
OX, but still worth a look.

>May want to get aftermarket harness to simplify install.

I found harnesses at http://www.ford-trucks.com//lc/lc.php?action=do&link=http://www.greenapple.com/~jcurrence/fuel.html and
there are some kits, I would like to know if these are what your
speaking of

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------

M-12071-E302 5.0L/302 HO & 5.8L/351W FIRING ORDER 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8
You'll need this package to complete a 86-93 5.0L or 5.8L engine
assembly with EFI. Kit includes all sensors and wiring harness mounted
on the engine(ACT,ECT, and EGR position sensors, EGR valve, oxygen
sensor harness and fuel injector harness). Note that 5.0L/302 HO and non
HO engines use a different firing order.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------

OK, this was a happy find. A good chunk of what I need isn't it?

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------

MAIN HARNESS M-12071-C302 $310.00
The foundation of Ford SVO's Multiport EFi Wiring Harness system, this
harness connects the mass air flow computer to the engine, sensors, and
relays. 26 page instruction book included with main harness. Contains
very detailed instructions, helpful hints and lots of illustrations for
easy hookup.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------

If this is what I need, it still isn't bad but it's only the harness

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------
MANUAL TRANS M-12071-F302 $285.00
Boost you fuel economy! This mass air flow computer system operates with
performance engine assemblies and stock high output engines. Kit
includes the EEC-IV computer, mass air meter, inlet and outlet hoses,
plus mass air meter mounting bracket.
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
- ---------------------------------

It's for a manual trans but I was thinking that's what I'll need with my
C4. If it's for an auto it would be an A4OD right? Well that's all the
parts for now. I'll post others that I find unless people don't want to
see it. It seemed that others may be interested what this would cost and
what it would take to do it. If I run across parts for other engines I
will include them too.

To understand EFI I found this site called FUEL INJECTION FOR BEGINNERS
http://www.ford-trucks.com//lc/lc.php?action=do&link=http://www.iaw.com/~aubertin/88mgt/eec-iv/mmff/mmffuel1.html it was
linked from The Corral at http://www.ford-trucks.com//lc/lc.php?action=do&link=http://www.corral.net/ where there's a ton of
information on EFI and ignition related links.

>Yes, controls everything except base timing (before computer timing
>added) and dwell. Dwell is inherent in TFI module. Base timing is set
>pulling connector, just like disconnecting vac advance.

That's what I've read

> I'm not sure how happy EEC would be If it was not getting SPOUT
>out signal). It may assume ign is dead and go into some sort of limp
>home mode.

Right again. Here's what it says

Spark Output (SPOUT)* This is the spark control that the EEC-IV sends to
the ignition module (TFI) on the side of the distributor (1986-93). This
signal determines the amount of ignition retard or advance that the next
spark plug in the firing order will receive. The SPOUT signal wire has a
plug near the distributor that can be removed to interrupt the signal.
(It's located on the passenger's-side inner fender on 1994-95 models.)
This causes the distributor to revert to the PIP for its ignition signal
and is used to check and set the base ignition timing.

>Obviously, you will need to go mass air. Even in doing that, you may
>need a custom chip piggybacked onto the ECU. There are several really
>good tuners around the country that will burn you chips until you are
>happy. As for all the parts for 150$. I just paid 100$ for and upper/
>lower from 87+. I have an 86 and want to upgrade. 150$ seems a little
>low for all that is needed.

All too often people tell you what you want to hear. Thanks OX! If I
didn't want to hear the truth I wouldn't have asked. To tell you the
truth, it's cheaper than I thought. $150 is unbelievable. For all the
parts necessary to do an EFI conversion I was thinking a lot more. I
figured the mass air would be $200 used and now I find the mass air and
EEC-IV for less than $300 new. I wish I had the money to get everything
new but it's just not possible but I will take your advise on the
harness and Pats advise on Ford Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine
Control. As a matter of fact I will get it tomorrow. Thank OX, Pat.
Steve, Ken and everyone else. This is looking good still!

Nuke the unborn baby whales.

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Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 01:34:16 -0400
From: "John Miller"
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - 160 degree t-stats and radials

- ----------
> From: Garr&Pam >
> Why are you not supposed to rotate radials from one side of the vehicle
> to the other?

The only problem I have ever been aware of was in the early steel belted
radials. What would happen due to the rotation pattern effects on the steel
belts upon reversing there rotation the belts would separate. Along about
'90 or so I recall the manufactures saying that the design had improved to
the point where rotating to the opposite side, therefor reversing the
rotation would no longer have an adverse affect on the tire. This is
"hearsay", any experts out there?

John Miller, FoMoCoNUTGibralter.net
96 F-350 Reg Cab XLT, 4x4, 460 w/ A4OD, My Baby "Baloo"
75 F-100 Reg Cab Ranger, 2wd, 360, C6, Daily Driver "Lucy"
and "always" looking ! ! !
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Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 22:46:00 -0800
From: Don Grossman
Subject: Re: FTE 61-79 - H*lp! Need 1963 front Disks??

Ken Payne wrote:

> Forwarded for "Kevin Leone"
> >>Does anyone know of a set of front disks that can be adapted to fit a 63
> >>2wd? It has the stock front axle? PLEASE HELP!!
> >Don Wrote-
> >As for the disks I can't help but the power booster it is a simple swap.
> >I used a booster from a 65.
> Don, thanks for the info. How about a proportioning valve? Is there one
> on the 65-79's? Do I need one, or only if I have disks in front? Does
> your truck still have drums all around? If it does, what kind of shoes
> do you run? Mine screech no matter what I do. I've had the drums turned
> while torqued to the hub & everything. SCREEEEECHHHH!!
> Kevin Leone
> 63 F-100 stakebed
> Y-blocks rule! : )

I used, I didn't know better at the time ;), a proportioning valve from a 72
Mach 1 Mustang. I have upgraded to a 78 3/4 ton front axle with disk brakes
so I needed the proportioning valve but I think that one was also installed
on drum/drum trucks with the twin system master cylinder.

I have a rear drum that does the squeek thing. I think I got it a little to
hot while towing a jeep and trailer over the hill. It's quiet untill it gets
hot again but I haven't looked at it yet. I plan to replce the rear drums
with disks as soon as I find someone with a lathe to turn down a set of hubs
that I have but thats another story.

- --
Don Grossman

63 F-100 4x4 with 3/4 ton running gear and most of the trimmings.

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