1999 Ford F350 4x4-Overhead Console Repair

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Album Title: Overhead Console Repair
How to fix your broken overhead console
Created: Last Update:
Miescha B St. Louis, Missouri
1999 Ford F350 Lariat
7.3L Diesel automatic 4x4
Interior: Dark/Light Prarie Tan
Exterior: Dark Hunter Green
Mileage: 113000
Views: 895 Average Vote: 9.82 (11 Votes)

Photos in this album

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To remove the outer shell, you must release the two tension clip ...

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Looking inside the storage opening, you can just see the slight ...

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I removed the outer (tan) shell first by pulling down on the fro ...

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This photo shows the rear (away from the windshield) portion. N ...

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Here is a shot from the passenger side showing the wire harness ...

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Here is a shot of the roof header showing the console removed an ...

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Here is a closer shot of the tension clips once the inner shell ...

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Here is a view of the inner shell with the front tension clips r ...

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Here is a second shot of the inner shell being released. ...

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Unplug the wire harness prior to pulling down hard on the front ...

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Here is a top view of the circuit board. To get the board off t ...

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Here is a wide angle view of the rear of the circuit board. The ...

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The back of the circuit board is covered with a black padded foa ...

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Here is a slightly closer view of the chips to help you orient a ...

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Here is a very close view of the chips. The two chips that were ...

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Here is my display up and working again for the first time in a ...

Great Pics. Have the same problem with the same chips! Push on them, and the display comes back on. Now how do we make it permanent? Again, best close-up pics I could hope to see. . . Thanks. CalEx4x4
By CalEx4x4

Excellent pics w/tutorals.Thanks
By marvinlong

excellent tutorial, just finished this same repair, soldered resistors in and up and running, thanks for the pics love these cheap fixes that dealers would bend you over for.
By Trouble1263

My LED is actually burned out. Where can you get a replacement? Ford (my local dealer) says I have to order the whole console for $500. ouch!!! rjl@fone.net
By Big Sage

Excellent pics and details. I got my console apart and I have one chip that is gone, I assume burned off and one chip that is completely loose on one end, it is not unsoldered but has come loose. I think that my board is junk. Do you know of anyone who reapris them? Thanks, 544537
By 544537

Thanks for the great pics and directions!! Just bought 99 f250 and console works only every now and then and a door ajar problem. Have fix's for both now!! Thanks soo much!!
By sircorona

Just finished reinstalling the board with the new soldered resistors, great photo's (the reason why I can say its fixed) Thank you and to other members who helped me with my console adventure ;-)
By Skoda

Good work and well documented. Thanks for sharing!!!
By dagualtieri

Thanks for taking the time to do this. The repair was unbelievably simple following your directions.
By F350-6

Very good job. Thanks for your time.
By Stripebibs

Great write up and pics. Thanks for being a member of FTE.
By glruff

Awsome write-up. I've saved this information and hopefully repair mine this week. Thanks again!
By 03_PSD

Thanks for your time and the elaborate description and pictures. You just saved me a lot of time and money.
By johnnyo53

Worked well for me. Thanks for the info and good pics.
By AK Fisherman

Thanks very much for your time and effort on this tutorial! Mine is working now and I have a new soldering pen in my tool box. All for under $15... Great job.
By hrsepwr2

Thanks Miescha B and everybody else for all your great help
By baneyinc

Thank you worked great only took a few min once I had the proper tools.I now read that apparently Radio Shack has a solder pen that will also work. Great Info great pics 2-06-2012
By Sandybay-Trader

Under the pink disc capacitor, there's a yellow component ... would you happen to know what the specs are for that component? Every picture I have found has the pink disc capacitor bent over it!!! Mine got hot enough to burn it out. thanks in advance.
By gneill794

I have a smaller console on my 2001 Super Crew with sun roof. I suspect it removes the same but I've also come to suspect that this problem could be related to the intermittent loss of my odometer readout since both came on when I hit the dash above the instrument panel. This only worked once. Thank you for the great tutorial post!
By juanrodman

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