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Publication Date: September 5, 2006

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On various vehicles when servicing the head gasket on certain Ford remanufactured engines, it is critical to determine the type of remanufactured engine that is being serviced, in order to identify the correct replacement gasket.


Follow the Service Procedure to help identify if the vehicle is equipped with a STD (for originally equipment level thickness head gasket) or OVR (for oversized service level thicker head gasket) remanufactured engine when replacing a head gasket.


Use this TSB to help identify if the vehicle is equipped with a STD or OVR remanufactured engine when replacing a head gasket. This will ensure that you obtain the proper head gasket (thicker for OVR-oversized) for the engine you are repairing, as the engine may have milled engine block deck, milled cylinder head deck, or an over sized bore in the cylinders. This information will be needed when ordering parts. The parts catalogs already reflect the correct service numbers, as long as this additional information is available.

For certain remanufactured engines, the long block assembly will be uniquely identified with a build date, reman code, service part number, and serial number. This metal tag will be marked with STD, or with OVR (Figures 1-6).


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Figure 1 – Article 06-18-16

Figure 2 – Article 06-18-16

Figure 3 – Article 06-18-16

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Figure 5 – Article 06-18-16

Figure 6 – Article 06-18-16

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