For 15 years, the Ford Explorer has been first in combining capability and refinement. Now, the segment benchmark is set even higher, as the 2006 Explorer features an all-new frame, new independent front and rear suspensions, a revised steering system and improved payload and towing ratings.

“When you combine all of the improvements to ride, handling, towing and payload, the 2006 Ford Explorer really is the most capable Explorer ever,” says Judy Curran, Explorer chief engineer.

Body-on-frame construction, tested to F-Series Super Duty standards

According to Raj Nair, SUV and Body-on-Frame Vehicles executive director, the key to the Explorer’s capability is its body-on-frame construction:

“One of the distinct advantages of a body-on-frame vehicle is its ability to isolate the passenger compartment from broken roads. This isolation is even more noticeable during more strenuous driving activities, such as towing and off-roading.”

The difference is also apparent in Ford Motor Company’s internal testing.

“Body-on-frame SUVs like the Ford Explorer are tested to the same off-road and towing standards of Ford trucks,” says Nair. “The tests were originally designed for F-350 owners, most of whom use their trucks exclusively for towing. Not many Explorer owners will use their trucks to that extent, but our tests verify that the Explorer is capable of whatever its owner needs to do-as a full-time tow vehicle or just pulling a camping trailer for the weekend.”