Recalls Bulletins

Recall data for: 2013 FORD FOCUS

NHTSA Campaign Number: 12E035000

Manufacturer Campaign Number:

Make: FORD

Model: FOCUS

Year: 2013


Manufacturers Involved: YAKIMA PRODUCTS, INC.

Begin Date Of Manufacturing:

End Date Of Manufacturing:

Recall Type: E

Potential Number Of Units Affected: 440

Date Owner Notified By Manufacturer: 20121015

Recall Initiator: MFR

Manufacturer Responsible For Recall: Ford Motor Company

Date Report Received By ODI: 20121002

Date Added To File: 20121002

Regulation Part Number:

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Number:

Defect Summary:
This recall involves aftermarket parts sold by Yakima Products, Inc. for use on model year 2012 and 2013 Ford Focus vehicles. This recall is being conducted by Yakima, not by Ford. Certain combined Q-Tower and Q128 Clip rooftop rack systems, part numbers 8000124 and 8000728, do not fully contact the door frame.

Consequence Summary:
Without proper contact of the rooftop rack clip to the door frame, there is insufficient clamping pressure and friction. The system may slide off the vehicle when loaded with accessories, possibly becoming a road hazard to other vehicles or causing injury to pedestrians.

Corrective Action:
Yakima will notify owners, and Yakima or a Yakima dealer will refund the purchase of the Q-Tower and Q-128 Clip system. There is no replacement system available for the 2012-2013 model year Ford Focus. The safety recall began on October 15, 2012. Only vehicles equipped with the vehicle rack system are affected. This recall is being conducted by Yakima, not Ford. Owners may contact Yakima at 1-888-925-4621.