6 To 12 Volt Conversion Guide

By Steve Delanty Owners of old cars and trucks that came with 6-volt electrical systems know what a drag 6 volts can be!  Dim lights, slow cranking, weak spark, replacing generator brushes as a maintenance item, etc . The cure is obvious… convert to 12 volts! Usually it’s pretty easy to convert to 12 volts. [...] More »

Whiter Whites, Brighter Brights

By Steve Delanty The problem: The stock headlight wiring sucks. The wire is quite small (#18) and it follows a very long tortorous path from the battery to the headlight switch, down to the dimmer switch and then back thru the engine compartment to the headlights. There is several volts lost thru all this wiring [...] More »

1999 F150 Speaker installation notes

By John Meyer I felt that the factory speakers that came as a part of the "premium sound" option were not all that premium. The factory units are 6"x8" oval full-range drivers with paper cones and a "wizzer cone" to help with the high end. It was not much help, since the sound was muddy [...] More »


These are generic steering column wiring codes for General Motors and Ford columns and should give you some direction doing your wiring. I'm fairly confident that both auto makers have made changes, additions and deletions to these tables, so a VOM or trouble light test BEFORE you throw the switch would be prudent. But, it [...] More »

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