Fleet News! Transit Orders Coming In


It’s going to debut as the replacement for the E-series vans for fleet customers who need work vans for their business. Now that the Transit is out; who was the first major fleet purchaser for the new utility vans? Well, it’s none other than Charter Communications. Being the fourth-largest cable operator in the U.S., Charter [...] More »

Watch a Ford Ranger Jump and Wreck – Again


What do you do with a Ford Ranger after you’ve wrecked it? Well, to these guys the answer appears simple: Wreck it some more! We’re not sure what the white Ranger smashed into before it decided to take the the skies, but it seems awfully clear that afterwards it stuck its nose into a nearby [...] More »

Who Knew? Ford Courier Pickup Racing


I was on Jalopnik’s “Truck Yeah” sub not too long ago and came across a story on Ford Fiesta Pickup Racing in Brazil. Naturally I was curious as, 1, I didn’t know about the Fiesta Pickup, and, 2, am a sucker for weird racing. So, naturally I went to find out more and here is [...] More »

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