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Purchased in the late '80s, we are the second owners but knew the original owners. Done a lot of work to this bad boy over the years. Got her for, well I've heard two prices, $5,500 and $7,500 so somewhere in there, over 25 years ago. My father tore her down and rebuilt her from the frame up once around 1993, ton of heart poured into her. We couldn't ask for a better truck. She has been beat and torn apart and overloaded, and she keeps coming back for me. I refuse to ever purchase a new truck ever again.

Engine/Drivetrain Modifications:
Engines (In order of installation, including original vehicle):
1st: 4.9L 300 I6 (Stock)
2nd: 1974 351 Windsor (Ranchero)
3rd: 1975 351 Windsor (Ranchero)

Engine Mods:

Stock: None, sold stock in near factory condition.
2nd: Way too much to list, let's just say she had enough balls to "smoke all 4". Eventually we kept on losing oil pressure, and after 100,000 of severe and very hard miles, the piston skirts had broken off and landed in the oil pan. It was so well balanced it continued to run. Unfortunately at this point it was too late to save the cylinder walls had bowed out, and already near max overbore the block is virtually toast.
3rd: 1975/76 351 Windsor
Either .030 or .045 over can't remember
Custom forged steel crank, stock stroke
Custom forged steel rods
Block notched
Custom Wiseco overbore pistons without valve reliefs
Forged reinforced wrist pins and sleeves
Reinforced piston skirts
Mains redone with custom setup can't remember what
Bottom end internally and externally balanced with a 28oz flexplate and harmonic balancer
Block decked from 9.503" to 9.480"
Head bolt holes drilled out from 5/8" to 7/16"
Head gasket thickness 0.40" IIRC, might be lower
1970? 302 heads, can't remember casting, with 58.2cc re-shaped wedge combustion chambers, 3 angle valve job, shortened pushrods (can't remember how short), some other triple thing I can't remember, cut out and re-postioned/switched valve ports, intake 1.6", exhaust 2.02", flows apparently 280 something cfm at .600 if not slightly more, I know down low it flows a monstrous number. Some other fancy stuff as well, 9.5:1 compression, might be closer to 10:1 though. Full port and polish job by hand with re-routed water jackets, coolant exit passages and plugged excess ports, thermactor bump ground out and then some
1969 Boss 302 4bbl intake 16 bolt with oversized ports, smoothed/oversized runners and a custom aluminum gap spacer
Intake ported/polished
Intake extrude honed
Everything gasket matched
Holley 650cfm 4bbl vaccuum secondaries with automatic kickdown
2 inch carb torque spacer including heat shield
Stock exhaust manifolds ported and smoothed out inside (extrude honed). Needs headers but this was a last minute thing
ROL 2 1/8"-2 1/4" high flow piping into, unfortunately 2 Walker cats and mufflers with heat shields. **** you New York
Original 302 firing order (1,5 etc)
Super steep hydraulic flat tappet RV cam sacrifces high rpm horsepower for low end torque
Non-roller motor, wish we would have converted it over to a roller motor, mistake there
Ford racing distributor, think it's still a points though. Was installed after attempts to a '70s style system failed
Accel Super Stock Spiral Core 8mm Wires
Accell Low Resistance Plugs
MSD Blaster 5900 ignition box and Blaster II coil
Dual accelerator pumps
Holley Red electric fuel pump (IIRC)
V-belt system, only thing hooked up is power steering, fan and alternator.
Dual radiator cores
Oil Cooler
Transmission Cooler
Wet sump oil system with a aftermarket pump
Edelbrock chrome housing with K&N Filter
High torque starter
Dual Semi Truck starters

Think that's everything lol. Pretty light compared to the last engine though.

Transmission: K-code C6, 3 speed automatic, rebuild once
Transfer Case: I believe it to be an NP208.......2H 4H N 4L

Axles (Both Factory Stock)
Front: Dana/Spicer 44 TTB (3.73 gears)
Rear: Dana 60 Semi Float, 3.73 gears, 31 spline axles, Trac-Lok LSD

Still trying to figure out the axle situation.

Suspension Modifications:


1 leaf on each side to make 3
Gabriel Gas Ryder VST Nitrogen Charged mono shocks


Stock 6 leaf per side
Gabriel VST shocks
Stock 2 inch lift blocks

I had a 3 inch body lift in it at one time but had pitman arm clearnace issues so I pulled it out and didn't like the way it was turning.

Wheels/Tires Modifications:

Stock: 215x85R16


Winter: 235x85R16
Wheels: Factory Rims
Tires: Cooper Discoverer A/T's and ATR's

Summer: 33x12.5R16.5
Wheels: American Racing Wagon Wheels painted 2 tone white and red, with center caps
Tires: Cooper Discoverer Radial LT's

Interior/Exterior Modifications:
Interior Mods:

Large Digital Clock with a bunch of functions added to the ceiling, centered by the windshield
CB radio
Old school analog cellphone
Pulled the ECM years ago in favor of a carburetor
Replaced a shot factory radio after many years of service
Speaker system replaced
Ignition switch, fuel cutoff switch, engine one light and other switches installed
Snow plow control system installed
Snow plow engage switch installed
Ford logo badge installed over radio (next to plow switch)
3 aftermarket Suntune gauges installed where vents would normally be (base model, didn't have them)
Flashlight mounted in front of dome light
Bunch of other little things I can't remember right now

Exterior: Where do I begin lol

1977 Fisher plow frame installed
Actual plow frame and hoist
Custom industrial bumper for winter
Stock bumper with a factory chrome pushbar and 2 black/orange KC lights with chrome bezels
Deflecta De-bug shield (red)
Aftermarket red windshield wipers (summer)
Flexi flares (now rotted off, won't ever install those again)
Removed factory grab handles off cab
Repainted once fully to factory color (never changed)
Removed pinstripe
Added diamond plate bed rails and backing plate on tailgate and other end
3 tool boxes
Replaced factory running boards with other ones to allow more ground clearance, both diamond plated
Added a double mushroom rollbar, painted it black and at first had 4 KC lights on it and then replaced them with BAJA rectanglular lights
Custom rear double pipe bumper with 2 hook mounts and bed step
Replaced tailgate and handle at some point
Patched the bed
Replaced the factory drivers side rear body panel to install a second tank and then never finished it leaving a hole there. Luckily I have a new patch panel for that
Installed a rear mounted headlight on the bumper for driving in reverse at night after hitting a pine tree in my driveway
Headlights have steal wire mesh stone guards
Bunch of other littler stuff I can't remember off the top of my head lol


Future Modifications:
Full frame off restoration for a 2nd time
Restore it to how we used to have it
Install either 390 FE V8 or a 460 SVO V8
Throttle Body Fuel Injection...had enough of carburetors
Possibly finally install that second gas tank
Not sure what else but I'm sure I'll think of something
Massive lift
48" Tires