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XJ, is this the hose you said to disconnect if you run into problems and want to keep the IWE locked in? If so, which end would you disconnect ? I was thinking the bigger hose on the engine side. If a guy was in a pinch would it work to fold the hose over and wrapping it with duct tape or clamping it with a vice grip?

How common is it to have this problem, I have an '05 with 48,000 on it and haven't had any problems yet. I bought the truck new and built a rainshield for the iwe solenoid about a year after buying the truck, since I figured that was about the only thing that would cause problems, but it seems now that the solenoid going bad is minor compaired to all the other things that seem to be causing problems. I love my truck, but am starting to consider selling it and getting a super duty with a manual system so I don't have to worry about something going wrong with this complicated system.
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