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Originally Posted by nhswrld
ok so i have an 86 ranger with the old 2.0 1bbl carb that i recently blew something on..instead of trying to figure it out and fix it i was thinking of dropping a 2.3 turbo out of a tbird...this should bolt up to my tranny no? i understand i would have to get the ecu and wire harness for the motor as well, but also would i be able to put a bigger turbo on a 2.3 turbo with minimal adjustments?
I just helped a guy do a swap on a 93 ranger. We put an 88 T/C motor in it. You can but a larger turbo on them. You should upgrade the injectors when you do this. When you put larger injectors in the old T/C systems you will need a wideband 02 sensor and the spring in the VAM needs tweaked till you get the right a/f ratio.
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