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Originally Posted by mozzles View Post
Rogue_Wulff - You're talking about the "heater hose fitting" that threads into the water pump, and the heater hose goes onto it, right? I'm looking on the O'Reilly site and they have a ton of them, but I'm not sure which to get. Do I just want to get one that is as close to this size as possible? Obviously I want the hose part to be the same diameter as the inside diameter of the hose that's going on it, just not sure about the rest of it.

I found this water pump at an auto parts store here for only $30.. so in my case it would have been over twice as much for the cheapest new one. I know it's not always best to buy the cheapest parts, but I'm on a budget here and it looks like an ok pump so we'll see how she does.

As far as the fan clutch, I've read more people saying to use RTV or loctite than I have people saying not to, so I plan on using it.
Yes, heater hose fitting. I don't know what size the hole is, but would bet it's either 3/8 NPT or 1/2 NPT, as those are fairly common sizes.
If all else fails, take the new pump with you, and a chunk of the hose. That should allow the store to match up one that will work.

I can understand having limited funds. But, most of the cheaper "reman" pumps don't last as well as the new ones. Even if it is replaced for free, you still have to do the work to change it, when it does fail......

I could see using green or blue locktite, if one really felt the need. I use an air hammer with the fan clutch adapter tool. I can knock these things off pretty easy, and make sure they go back on tight. I've never had one come off, after installing it with this method, and I don't use locktite.
One of the other mechanics had to remove a fan clutch I had installed several months earlier, and he had a rather hard time getting it off, as the serpentine belt (8 rib) kept slipping, and it wasn't a very old belt......
That was on a Cummins, those things shut down faster than any other engine I have ever seen/heard. The chirp they let out when shutting down, is the belt slipping from the momentum of the alt.....
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