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whiskey runner is gaining momentum as a positive member of FTE.whiskey runner is gaining momentum as a positive member of FTE.
sounds like ya'll are staying busy.. hope all goes good for ya rich and you can be states bound soon....
i got a little done today. i had to pull the gauge panel back out to check and clean the speedo cable and then fix 2 non working dash lights.. i removed the fuel tank again and cleaned the crap outta it so i hope i can drive it again soon without no problems.. but i need a new fuel sender float so the gauge will work... with just a few small items to fix and the 71 f100 should make a good daily driver... i had a bunch of folks at the swap meet check it out and they seemed surprised to see it wasnt just a old pile of junk like it looks to be, most seemed to really like it.. i put a "too" high price tag on it because i dont really wanna sell it just yet..
i have forgot more than i ever knew
71 f100 "rip van winkle" been asleep for 25 years
300-6 np435.. years to get that patina just right
72 ford f350.. the new one to the stable...
75 courier 4x4.. mazda, jeep,+ ford emblem
39 ford p/u project in the works.. a long ways off
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