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Originally Posted by Don Vito View Post
I see a threaded rod on both the right and left side looking into the engine compartment from above, almost hidden by the inner fenders which appears to me that I'd adjust from in the engine compartment. The ends of my torsion bars (which look like sways bars) have no thing as far as bolt to turn. Unfortunately I have no idea what year the front end is from.
Are different year volare front ends different as far as where the adjustment is?
Sounds to me like you have adjustable torsion bar. Jack the vehicle up using jack stands and look underneath that is where the adjustment takes place on the 74-76 volare- aspen. That threaded rod goes thru a wishbone type fiitting thats attached to the torsion bar. If I remember correctly it is a bolt approx 5-6 inches long with a 15/16 bolt head. You will actually have to be under to see them, they are somewhat up in the clip so won't be visible by just kneeling down and looking under.
I cannot answer if there are different adjustment points for different years.
I do know that the 74-76 volare-aspen is the most common set up used and they adjust in the same spots. Was first advertised in the truckin magazine than classic trucks in the late 70's early 80's.

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