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Originally Posted by Don Vito View Post
I've searched all over the web for a image of the bolt/nut that you loosen to lower the volare suspension, but can't find any, I assumed it would be a big nut somewhere at the end of the torsion bars but mine seem to be capped, I think Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.
but I don't see anything, anyone have a pic of it?
Thx in advance Don
What year of clip are you working with. You can see this bolt from the bottom, each side, front side. From the top you see what appears as a long threaded bolt each side, front side.

I am not sure of the years of model these were used. My first one was a 74 Volare my second one was a 76 Dodge Aspen. So I know 74-76 Plymouth Volare and Dodge Aspen were common.
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