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A VERY simple bolt in swap is a Dana 60 from a 85.5-97 F350

In order to do the swap correctly, you will need the following
(can't believe I am typing this out AGAIN, we REALLY need a sticky for this)

The axle itself
3 variations will work(all from F350s)
A. 85.5-91 Dana 60. It has king pins and pin on calipers
B. 92-94 Dana 60. It has ball joints and Pin on calipers
C. 95-97 Dana 60. it has vll joints and Bolt on calipers. Also has 1/2" bigger brakes.
There were 2 gear ratio options thru the years. 4,01 and 3.55. So you need to know what you have.

Front driveshaft(SOME have found this is not necessary)
f350s used a Double joint at the t-case end(cardian joint) This was to help with the added angle from the added F250 height(2") and the sorter distance(dana 60 has a longer pinion).
To go with the F350 shaft you also need the F350 yoke from the front of the t-case. There were (2) t-cases offered the 1356(80s-95) and the 4407(96/97).
You will need the yoke from the 1356. The 1356 and 4407 yoke are NOT interchangeable)

Track bar mount(mounts on engine crossmember using existing holes)

Track bar(goes between axle and mount to keep axle centered)

F350 leaf springs
You want F350 springs and NOT F250 springs because the TTB springs have a MUCH high spring rate due to they have to follow the arch of the TTB and the F350 springs just basically go up and down. There are 2 versions of the F350 spring. Big block/ diesel and Small block

Drivers side U-bolt plate and u-bolts
This is a a cast pice that goes under the axle and partially around the pumpkin to allow the unbolts to go over the springs and clamp them to the axle. this is an OBSOLETE part and no one makes them. You want NEW u-bolts they are stretch to yield an are not designed to be reused.

F350 pitman arm
It is just a TOUCH longer tun theF250 but allows the tires to turn all the way. You can retain the F250 one but steering radius will be terrible. This is an OBSOLETE part and last I heard the aftermarket was runny VERY short on supply)

Steering linkage
You need F350 linkage, F250 stuff will NOT WORK

Brake calipers
You need the correct ones of the axle
Follow the year range of the axle(above)
F250s used the same style per year as the f350

For the rear, you will want the F350(4") blocks and new U-bolts
F250s use 2" blocks

it would be wise no matter what axle you get, to go thru it and repair and worn parts(ball joints, king pins, seals, u-joints, etc)
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