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Hey Bryan,
Good to see you back on here!!! Come to Austin - seems like the
place to be this year.
o It's Austin - Great Music, Good looking girls, Tex Mex Food, BBQ, Lot's of cold Lone Star & Shiner, Lakes, Rivers, Great Bars, Austin City Limits Festival, South by Southwest, ....

o It "never" snows (well not what anyone else would call snow).

o Great Job Market & No State Income tax.

o A Liberal Blue dot in a conservative state. (Suburbs are conservative if you like that).

o It's 14 hours to Denver to visit your friends and family.

Not so Positives:
o Rent & Housing costs are rising fast.

o No Pro Sports - just the Univ. of Texas (semipro).

o Summer lasts from May through till Halloween. Hot Very Hot.
It can be 108 degrees in Feb or Oct.

o Jan/Dec. we have Cedar Fever Season. If you have asthma don't move here.

o Our traffic is bad - IH 35 is worse than I25 & I70 I promise.

o Property Taxes are bad. $10K a yr. for a normal house.

Have Fun.

Ben in Austin
1950 F1
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