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Originally Posted by jasoncarpenter1 View Post
My K.P. turns really sharp. Not as good as the T.T.B. I took off. Am interested in the turning radius the B.P. also.
The Bronco in your sig with the 42 Iroks? Aren't the tires a bigger issue on steering angle then the axle? I know mine are with my 37s, they contact the leafs. Even if you did some fancy front suspension still got a radius arm or link?

I've never owned a BJ 60, but I do have a D50 TTB and 2 KP 60 trucks. Here's what I've noticed. It seams my front track is a little wider then my rear on the KP60 trucks but I haven't noticed this on anything but KP trucks. A wider axle can turn sharper cause the pivot is further from the spring. Steering box/pitman arm travel limits the steering angle if my tires weren't a factor. With pitman arm disconnected then the stop is the limiter but it can be removed. The true limit of steering angle is the U-joint, both use the same joint and aftermarket/modified joints/axles help both turn sharper. My 89 CCLB with a KP60 and 37s turns sharper then my brothers 01 ECLB with BJ60 and 33s.
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