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Normal fuel pressure range is 40-80 PSI at idle. If you use the stick-type pressure gauge, you'll most likely have fuel sprayed into the van interior. Be careful and use lots of rags to help control the fuel spray.

The schrader valve looks exactly like the valve stem on your wheels. That's why some folks use the stick-type pressure gauge. Because the fuel pump is mechanical, the pressure reading will jump around a lot.

To get an idea of what your fuel pressure is, add the lowest reading to the highest reading and divide by two. That should give you a good average. If that average reading is between 40 - 80 PSI, fuel pressure is good. This doesn't test the bowl pressure. This tests fuel pressure being delivered to the injectors. Fuel is filtered before it reaches the injectors.

Cranking the engine to fill the fuel filter bowl will take a LONG time, as far as cranking goes, and can drain your batteries. Fill the filter bowl with fuel, but not so much that the fuel will spill out when you reinstall the fuel filter. You need fuel in that bowl so the engine will run.

Have the codes read and post what codes, if any, were found. We can help more after the above items have been accomplished.

If you're unsure of the fuel filter condition, now would be a good time to replace it if funds are available.

If the engine runs and dies again, after filling the fuel bowl, check the fuel bowl to see if any fuel is still in there. We'll want to know that, too.
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