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Originally Posted by hooler1 View Post
I have too been fighting my drivers door,now for about 2 weeks. I have tried about everything. Floor jacks, blocks of wood using shims, plain old lift up the lower end, finger tighten the top hinge bolts then tighten the lower ones, on and on it goes. I looked up the price on this, and it's around $450. I'm getting so tired of this, I might just pop for one. But that's a lot of money for something I will probably use just once. Does anybody rent those?
I hear ya...I work on these trucks all the time and I had a tough time digging deep to buy this tool. What I can say is that, while I bought this dolly with the intent to use it to align doors, I have found that it works great just to remove/replace doors even if you have the hinges indexed and do not need to realign them. It also holds the door securely and is very easy to roll around...nice features when you have the door removed to do other work on the truck. How many times have we opted not to remove a door, even though it would make the job so much easier if it was out of the way, because it was such a PITA to do the R&R on the door? With this tool it's a snap and the door can stay on the dolly until you are ready to reinstall. I don't have much room in my garage so if I can work on the cab without having to work around an open door then I'm a happy guy. When was the last time you replaced your door weatherstripping? I know that many of us have done the job without removing the door(s), trying to work the stripping in place around the hinges without sticking the glued rubber in the wrong place. This job just got a lot easier... pop off the door leave it on the dolly, replace the weatherstripping and reinstall the door exactly the way it came off the cab. Kinda sound like a salesman but when get a tool that makes your life this much easier then it's easy to promote. I thought that my Jawhorse was good, this dolly is pretty close.
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