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BryanStein has a good reputation on FTE.BryanStein has a good reputation on FTE.

The pictures money pit showed kjv his post are

Top,: Torque pro app with about 10 gages called up. This is an android (and maybe iphone too) app. App cost $5(at least last year it did). You need to buy a Bluetooth OBDII reader (about $20 on eBay). This is what I use. I started with torque pro with the intent of getting something better later on. I think torque pro is good enough not to need anything better unless you move up to AE.

Bottom: scan Gage II. Most people on this forum use it. Can read about 4 more gages than turque pro, but is about $200. Takes more time to set up.

Looks like you already know there is no factory gage for fuel pressure and egt.
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