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RL250 has a very good reputation on FTE.RL250 has a very good reputation on FTE.RL250 has a very good reputation on FTE.
Originally Posted by BaronVonAutomatc View Post
If you're going to stoke it you might as well go 347 cubes, it will help pull the peak power rpm lower with the same cam too.
Barron- I'm trying to stay away from the 347 for longevity issues. I'm not wanting to have to purchase a new block right before I give it to my kids.

Baddad- not a bad plan. I was considering the Trick Flow 179 twisted wedge heads and want to keep compression down to about 9.5. Pump 84-86 octane.

I did email Stroker John Nijssen about my ideas to get some feedback from a stroker engine expert. He suggested trying to squeeze a 434 (351W block) in there. Since the bay is designed to accept either a DOHC I4 or SOHC V6, it might fit. Good news in that area is that I have to custom fab the engine mounts anyway, and I can lower as necessary. I might have to with the ZF anyway.
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