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Caliper slide pins... A hammer and a crap flat head or equivalent. Emry cloth 12" long piece or so.

I would ditch the chain, if you can't use a strap you probably shouldn't be doing it. And if it comes to recovery ALWAYS put something on the center of the strap so if it snaps it will drop to the ground and not fly up and hit someone or your truck.

If money permits having a pump and air tank onboard is an awesome thing to have when it cones to getting a flat with no where to turn to. Plus as an added bonus if you have air tools with you you can use those to do most of yhe work and get you back on the road a little quicker and every second counts while cars are doing 80 mph 10 feet from you. Make sure your spare tire is full of air.

If you've done the hutch and harpoon mod don't forget inline filters also.

Like you said ICP but you can get by by unplugging it. IPR for sure and the deepest 1-1/8" iirc socket you can find to make it a quick job.

Maybe if you have room a step stool if you've got to get under the hood.

A gallon of water, blanket, pillow and a change of clothes.

And if you haven't upgraded your hpop lines/ swapped them out GET ON IT! That's just one thing that will strand you and there's nothing you can do about it but use that cc and cell phone. Change them and forget about them but keep your old ones as spares.
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