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Self Reliance on the Road... What do you bring?

What emergency roadside service & repair parts and tools might be the most useful to have on hand to be self reliant on long trips in a 99-03 7.3L?

NOTE: Editing this list is currently in progress to incorporate your suggestions and to reorganizing into subject categories.

SAFETY & PERSONAL PROTECTION (Listed in order of perceived priority, feel free to add your suggestions)

- First Aid Kit
- Safety Goggles
- Fire Extinguisher
- Emergency Triangles Box of 3
- Known Good Flashlight
- Spare batteries for Flashlight
- Flares
- Potoble Water
- Blinking Beacon
- Blanket
- Wheel Chocks (Four)
- Jack Stand
- Nitrile Gloves
- Durable Work Gloves
- Paper Towels
- Toilet Paper
- Feminine Napkins
- Garbage Bags Small and large sized
- Magic Carpet A 3' x 4' rubber backed carpeted commercial entry mat to serve as a "creeper" on dirt
- Jacket, Beanie Cap
- Tent or Portable Canopy
- Personal GPS Tracking Beacon

7.3L SPECIFIC REPAIR PARTS (Listed in order of perceived priority)

- Camshaft Position Sensor
- Fuse for PCM (And while we're at it, a variety of spare fuses}
- Accessory Drive Belt Ford F8TZ-8620-GC or Motorcraft JK8-1381 (for Dual Alternators, with early 2000 model belt tensioner.)
- HPOP Oring Service Kit Ford 2C3Z-9G804-AB - Includes 3 O-rings, 1 for removable rear plug and 1 for each HP oil line, and a vial of Loctite 680 Retaining Compound.
- Fuel Bowl Oring Kit
- Turbo Oring Set Ford F81Z-9C436-AA Large Oring (one), Ford F4TZ-6N653-A Tiny Orings (two), Ford F4TZ-6N653-B Medium Orings (two).
- IPR Regulator
- ICP Sensor
- UVCH Shims
- UVCH Harness
- DeGas Bottle Cap
- HPOP Lines
- Fuel Injector
- Electric Fuel Pump
- Idler Pulley

7.3L SPECIFIC CONSUMABLE SUPPLIES (Listed in order of perceived priority)

- Fuel Additive Stanadyne Performance Formula or Motorcraft PM-22 Cetane Booster or Motorcraft PM-23 AntiGel
- Fuel Filter Ford F81Z-9N184-AA or Motorcraft FD4596 or Racor PFF4596
- Engine Oil
- Engine Oil Filter Motorcraft FL1995
- Crankcase Ventilation Filter Racor CCV55304-08 (This item is only relevant if you have the Racor CCV3550-FRD-02 Crankcase Filtration system)
- Engine Coolant Motorcraft Premium Specification VC-4-A, (the green stuff) pre-mixed 50/50 with Distilled Water AND 4 oz of FW16 additive
- Coolant Additive Motorcraft Heavy Duty FW16 Specification ESN-M99B169-A in original 1 pint container.
- Coolant Test Strips Fleetguard CC2602A 3-Way (Molybdate, Nitrate, Freezepoint)

7.3L SPECIFIC SPECIAL TOOLS (What specific tools do you use?)

- ScanTool with Enhanced Ford Diagnostics Capability
- Fuel Filter Lid Wrench KD Tools 3526, also sold under the Napa Professional brand. Requires 3/8" drive ratchet.
- Oil Filter Wrench OEM 25372
- Tools to change CPS
- HPOP Line Tool
- Breaker Bar to change Drive Belt - 25" long, 1/2" drive
- Fuel Fitting Line Tool
- IPR Removal Tool A deep well 1.125" socket, or set of "shower sockets" from a home improvement store
- Tools to R&R Turbocharger to repair O ring seal
- PC/ED Manual, Workshop Manual & Wiring Diagrams (Digital version with small form factor device to read quickly by search commands)

CHASSIS CONSUMABLE SUPPLIES (Listed in order of perceived priority, feel free to debate)

- External Inline Transmission Filter It has been found these can get restricted suddenly. Have an extra, or a straight tube to eliminate it.
- Automatic Transmission Fluid Mobile One Synthetic ATF meeting Mercon V Specs one (1) quart
- Brake Fluid Motorcraft High Performance DOT 3 Specification ESA-M6C25A in original sealed 12 oz. container.
- Wiper Blades Ford YFTZ-17528-AB or Motorcraft WW-2023 (Part numbers for original 20" rubber blades themselves ONLY, not the entire quick change blade carrier.

CHASSIS SPARE PARTS (Listed in order of perceived priority, feel free to debate)

- Caliper Slide Pins
- U-Joints

REPAIR SPECIFIC TOOLS (Listed in order of perceived priority)

- 12" Emory Cloth
- Tools to fix brakes
- Flint & Steel

GENERAL HAND TOOLS (Listed in order of perceived priority)

- Basic Tool Kit
- Hammer
- Knife
- Beater Flat Head Screwdriver
- Vise Grips
- Tape Measure
- Step Stool

GENERAL DIAGNOSTICS TOOLS (Listed in order of perceived priority)

- Digital Multi Meter
- Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Useful for checking brakes, trailer brakes, exhaust manifolds, etc

GENERAL POWER TOOLS (Listed in order of perceived priority)

- Air Compressor
- Inverter
- Converter (Battery Charger)
- Battery Powered Tool Kit Might include a hammer drill, a recipro saw, and a flash light.
- Ready Welder

GENERAL SUPPLIES (Listed in order of perceived priority)

- Silicon Self-Fusing Tape X-Treme Tape
- Wire Splicing Sets Wago 221 Series Lever Nuts, or 3M ScotchLoK IDC connectors filled with sealant
- Length of flat four trailer wiring To extend wire harnesses. Split as needed.

VEHICLE PROTECTION (Listed in order of perceived priority, feel free to debate)

- Sunshield
- Fender Apron Ford Racing Motorsports
- Inlet Caps (To cover air inlet and CAC inlets during service.)
- Seat Wipes

TIRE & WHEEL SERVICE (Listed in order of perceived priority)

- Tire Inflation Tools Inflators, locking air chucks, 25' air hose, gauges, hubcap removal tool
- Tire Changing Tools (To mount a spare tire/wheel assembly) Ford 6 Ton Hydraulic Jack, Ford tire tools, wooden block for jack.
- Lug Nuts
- Wheel Changing Tools (To break tires down off of rim, and remount new tires onto rim, like a tire machine, only by hand) KenTool 33199 Tire Bars (two), KenTool 317101 Brass Bead Holder for Steel Wheels (one), KenTool 33196 Steel Bead Holder for Aluminum Wheels (one), KenTool 31810 Leather Wheel Protector, KenTool 35310 BFRM (one - Big-ahem-Rubber Mallet). I also have found I need to use my receiver hitch stinger to help seat the last bit of the bead. (Tire wheel assemblies are balanced via Centramatics.)

SELF RECOVERY EQUIPMENT (Listed in order of perceived priority)

- Recovery Straps (Two 20' length 3" webbing)
- Recovery Shackles (Four)
- Recovery Hooks (Four)
- Receiver Mounted Anchors Hook, Loop, and Shackle mount
- ****** Blocks Warn 15640 (three)
- Foldable Shovel
- Line Dampener
- Snow Chains
- Lopers (to trim branches)
- Hand Saw

CARGO TIE DOWN EQUIPMENT (Listed in order of perceived priority)

- Ratcheting Straps Various lengths
- Lifting Straps (two, for moving heavy items)
- Bungie Cords, Rope, Spiderweb Bed Net
- Red Flags (for long items extending past tail gate)
- Zip Ties

FUELING AIDS (Listed in order of perceived priority)

- Fuel Additive Injection Tool Turkey Baster
- Fuel Containers
- Fuel Funnel Racor RF-15CC Dual Element High Flow AquaBlock filter funnel

TRAILERING EQUIPMENT (Listed in order of perceived priority)

- Trailer Towing Equipment, Weight Distributing Trunnion head, different rated spring bars, alternate height tow bars, pintle plate and hook, portable tongue weight scale, teflon lubricant, spare emergency trailer brake pull pin and cable, spare trailer chains, snap up bracket leverage bar, front stingers.
- D.O.T. Chain (various lengths)

Did I forget anything? Seriously. Sometimes, during the course of dotting every i and crossing every t, one doesn't notice the glaring obvious: the entire word is misspelled.
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