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Originally Posted by Jolly Roger Joe View Post
Ray, have you driven Blue yet? Just wondering how much different the ride is with these shocks compared to normal.

Or are you doing this to Blue because Missy Green rides better?
OK, Joe, we'll go back in your thread a slight bit but on topic.
I would estimate I've driven [B]Blue[/B] well over a thousand miles total, several hundred at interstate legal speeds. I am extremely satisfied with the way she rides, drives stops and handles. Remember, no PS or PB.
I am running 225/70 R19.5s on the front and LT235/85 R16s on the rear, just about equal height. I've experimented with tire pressures while driving at lower speeds and am down to running 40 psi in the front and 35 psi in the rears. On the fronts, I've painted stripes across the tire and seem to be getting equal deterioration of the paint across the ribs. There is no squirm or mushy feeling. On the rears, I am down to 35 psi and the tires are still riding on the center three ribs. I may try going down to 30 psi on the rear and see what happens, if it will come down and ride on all five ribs. None of the tires are running hot. When I reduced the pressures in the tires it got rid of the bone jarring rough ride.
There are no vibrations from the front end, even at road speed. I attribute this to a total rebuild, a good balance job and the installation of shocks.
I would guess there will be naysayers who will say I am crazy for running such low pressures. Of course, I would never attempt to run these pressures and haul any load. Did I say I am pleased with the way she drives M. G. may still ride softer.
I doubt if the shocks make any significant difference at 45 mph or slower.
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