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GB SISSON has a great reputation on FTE.GB SISSON has a great reputation on FTE.GB SISSON has a great reputation on FTE.GB SISSON has a great reputation on FTE.GB SISSON has a great reputation on FTE.
The side of Washington I live on is quite liberal. Ok, VERY liberal. Now head North of Seattle to the 'San Juan Islands', and they take liberal to a whole new level! Tree huggers, whale huggers, spotted owl huggers, pot huggers, it's pretty much endless. I don't read the local paper or go to any events in town or any of that. I am still a newcomer at 36 years here, but those of us that came here to get away from a lot of BS have seen no end of politically correct folks moving in. I will have to say I have made a decent living here creating ancient looking furniture, cabinets and doors from old wood and these creations grace a lot of beautiful waterfront homes here. I don't just do this because it is a trend to be 'green' or recycle something. I have always loved things that are worn and aged and have character. I was born in Seattle, but my folks were both Old fashioned New England Yankees. One of my Dad's yankee expressions was "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without". I am on a rant, but I wanted to follow up my bed wood saga with I'm gonna fix the driveline, fuel tank vent and a bit more painting of the bed's frame before I deck this thing over. The 8 other pieces have not been laminated yet because my employee insists he needs the bench where we set up the vacuum press in order to finish up a cabinet shop by Friday. How lame is that? Maybe I can set up the press over the weekend when he isn't here........
'92 F350 4x4 dual wheel service truck. 7.3 with headers and glass packs. 5 sp man tran. 255 85 16 Toyos. 110,000 miles. '59 F350 9' flareside new project, cummins 6at turbo diesel, sm 465 4 spd. 255 85 16s again, 37 ford 1 1/2 ton stake with 53 flathead V8. 65 toyota landcruiser fj 45 longbed pickup. 54 GMC 3/4 ton flatbed w/ cummins 6at, '68 BSA 441 Victor Special, bone stock, Antique tractors and one lung flywheel engines .....
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