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New old bed wood

I know it's a '47, but since the stakebed came off my '59 when I converted it to a flareside, it bridges both sides of this group and I feel it would be of interest to some of you as it applies the same to all the trucks from the '20s to the 70s. Ok, so I have been fixing up this '47 2 ton and doing my favorite patina tricks to the surface rusted North Dakota truck. The '59's stakebed was heavy gray paint that was flaking off and peeling badly. The story starts two days ago when I got to making up the bed wood as I wait for the new bed strips I ordered from Mar-K. As I finished up the construction grade douglas fir 2x8s and 2x10s I picked out for the bed, I was dissapointed in my hasty and inexpensive choice of wood. I was intending to paint them, but no amount of paint could make them appear properly 'old'. So yesterday I went back to the drawing board and planed down the new planks to 15/16" and planed down some western larch barnboards from my stock to 5/16". I have a vacuum press in my shop so I am in the process of laminating this outer layer to my boards. I did the two outer planks which are 9 1/2" wide first and will do the other 8, which are 7 1/2" wide next. Now I'm happy with it. It just didn't feel right with the new boards. My local island hardware store only has carriage bolts in galvanized, so I burnt it off the heads with my torch so they will rust properly. I would have just used thick barn boards but didn't have anything but 1" boards around, and they were too thin for this application, which requires 1 1/4".
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