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Received my tank yesterday afternoon I will be attempting to install it in the next week or two.

I have one more issue which is the emergency brake is not hooked up. When i first bought the truck i had no time to learn to fix it so i gave it to my GF's dad who is a mechanic and he did the brake lines for me and said i needed new emergency brake lines. I got all of them except for the one that comes from the pedal. He installed them but never linked them together (naturally i was furious because i paid him to do everything but i let it go). Basically I have the single cable coming form the peal and then the two cables that link together at the metal bracket near the bed and I also have i believe it's called the intermediate cable which goes from the bracket to the pedal cable. It's about 2" too short and i can't get any slack out of the pedal cable or rear cables to connect them so they are wire tied together right now. anyone have any idea's being a manual I always feel funny leaving it in gear (which i would anyway) and not having the ebrake locked.

EDIT: Also they are all the correct lengths 117" wheelbase (Reg Cab Short Bed)
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