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Originally Posted by 49willard View Post
I do a lot of varnish on my boats. The epiphanes is a relatively thick varnish and it is very slow drying. Slow drying will result in more dust collection. I have to varnish outside on my larger boats. If using the Epiphanes, I have to have the longer days of the spring. I have tried to varnish in the fall and the days are too short, it will blush. I think that you will find that 400 paper is bit fine for varnish work. The number of coats that you are doing is about right. On new or stripped wood I do 10 coats. Filter your varnish before using. I have tried a badger hail brush but went back to foam.
You might consider a faster drying varnish for a topcoat. Varnish will drive you crazy sometimes!
You definitely do not want to leave the truck outside regularly. I say that horizontal+varnish+ teak+ sun is mission impossible!
You are right about Epifaines it does take for ever to dry, it can still be tacky 10 hours after application. What would you recomend as a quick dry top coat?

I just put on coat 8. Did things a little different this time. Sanded a little more than usual, flushed the wood with clean water, not from a bucket, strained the varnish and turned off the Hot Dawg heater and then got out of the shop so that I don't make any more dust. Let you know how it turns out in the morning. Thanks everyone for your help.

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