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Originally Posted by NONclow View Post
I had this issue with my '61:

Just put a "new" (to me anyway) 292 in it, cranked slowly also..... comp test: 90-125 not great, but good enough to start.... a friend was cranking it one time when I saw the throttle pedal twisting back and forth from pumping the pedal was arcing to the body! Turns out the (-) battery cable stopped at the firewall. I installed a 1ga battery cable from intake manifold to the stud at which battery cable terminates on firewall.

Fired right up like every component was new

Running on the other hand.......................
people ck the pos elect connection but not the ----- it's the cable that completes the circuit I have 4 main neg connections cab to frame, engine to cab, cab to frame, engine to frame, battery to frame
others radiator support to frame, alternator to frame, bed to frame, cluster to cab, and fuel tank to cab woops this isn't the electrical page!!
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