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Yep. I found a "calculator" that shows what you wind up with when using bore x stroke numbers. It's fun to play with, just to see what combinations can be made. This is the one I found at Schoenfeld's when I was looking at a header:

Engine Displacement Calculator

IIRC, the stock bore x stroke of the 2.3L (non-turbo) is 3.780" x 3.1300"

To get to 2.5L, I need a bore x stroke of 3.780" x 3.4055"

To get to 2.6L, I need a bore x stroke of 3.810" x 3.4780"

To get to 2.7L, I need a bore x stroke of 3.820" x 3.5940"

Whether the stock 2.3L block is capable of that much stroke is an entirely different topic, but at least I know what numbers I need to reach.

I think 2.6L would probably be my self-imposed maximum with 2.5L being the safest. Anything in-between is entirely real-world streetable and potentially doable if the builder pays attention to detail.
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