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Originally Posted by jhaas63 View Post
Those pictures are awesome Abe. You have been in both places with a beater and then a show truck. I know it comes down to preference, but what would your advice be to guys here who are wondering whether to paint or not?
Good question! Beaters are more fun. As I said earlier you don't have to worry about keeping it clean, hauling things, little dings and scratches, etc...

It might depend where you live. Beaters in the rust belt have major rust hole issues. My headlight buckets looked like swiss cheese after they were blasted, I had major holes in both rear cab corners, both front cab corners, left front fender was not repairable, bed was beyond repair and on and on. SO if all that sheet metal was repaired it would look like crap, all primered and all different colors. SO some of us are forced to paint. Now today guys paint faux patina on their trucks at great expense...

My advice, do what you want or have to do and enjoy your truck!

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