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I havnt bud. Wasnt looking for systems either, considering the prices of them, and you still needed to install it. No plug/play, that i found. ANd because of that, i went the DIY route. Jason and a few other members helped tremendously...(here and other site..).

Only real thing i did different was instead of a "looped" design for purging, i installed the "heart"/manifold, in the box. Having a line from it, to the purge, seems to work great, when its time for purging. Just happened to install a "greasecar" regulator as well in the box, for the relief of pressure..(was having high pressure on wvo side, when run'n d2 for warm-up system). Remember Jason say'n it could be related to the split shot injectors that are installed. Anyway, did the trick, got ur set to 95psi(bio lines rated for 105psi), and work'n great. Only a little of diesel trickl;ing into wvo tank prior to wvo get'n warm enough to flip switch.

I went this purging route, because try'n to stuff another line for reutrn/purge wise, was outta the question. Ran a harline up but not touching, where the downpipe is, and try'n to fit another was inpossible. So much so, that i cant do a 4in turbo back, but o well.

I also have a manifold mounted in the valley. There 4-threaded holes in there, i used to mount a metal plate and mounted then the manifold to it. Works awesome, and plus, living in CA, when time for smogging, CAN NOT SEE A THING.

Factory D2 side, i installed the CV's under the factory hardline..(got p/n if needed). Other than that, its get'n the plumbing fittings correctly ordered/installed, with no leaks, but not that bad of a design or job, to do.
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