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55 239 Y-Block Restoration Thread

Well, I decided to try a restoration thread for my engine. I won't call it a rebuild thread because that indicates some type of skill in working on engines.

Hopefully this will help me learn more about what I'm doing as well as help someone else that might be doing this work as well.

I bought my truck from my wife's grandpa back in 2002. I started to work on getting the engine running, but our third child came along and the city decided they didn't like my truck parked in my driveway since it didn't run. So it sat at my in-laws until we moved into our current house with a garage. At that time, I decided to tear everything down to the frame....boy lots of learning to do.

This motor ran when parked (in about 1972) I was told it had about 30,000 miles on the rebuild from Consolidated Rebuilders out of Hutchinson Kansas.

Here are some specs on the motor:
Motor #: EBV94250
Cylinder Heads:
Driver side: EBV-B
Passenger side: ECG-C (Note this is a head for 272 so they do interchange)
Exhaust Manifold:
Drivers: ECE-9431
Passenger: ECE-9430-B
Intake Manifold: EBV94250

I have a bunch of photos out on photobucket:
Engine pictures by harrier1351 - Photobucket

Here is the rebuild tag:
Click the image to open in full size.

Here is my thread on the oil pump:

Here is the thread on removing the lower pulley:
1955 F-250 239 Y-Block
Y-Block Restoration Thread
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