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Moderators Note: Read The Rules First Before You Post!

I love the idea for this thread, where Excursion brothers and sisters can help each other out by swapping parts or offering them for free! The original thread got really unwieldy and became inefficient, so we're starting from scratch and implementing some new rules.

The old thread had a lotta conversation, requests, pointers, tips, help, etc that cluttered the thread and made it difficult to find the free parts being offered. It defeated the reason for the thread because it was very difficult to go thru. However, because the old thread generated a lot more traffic, and it actually worked better than the replacement thread, we're going back to the old format.

So, here are the new/old rules for the thread. Please guys, follow these simple rules:

1) There is no attempt to sell anything, and please do not discuss shipping fee's. Take it to PM's to work out the transaction details, but don't talk about money in the thread. Remember guys, all sales are done in the Classifieds section.

2) Remember to edit your post and remove the item listed once you've shipped it to the new owner. If it's been over 30 days and you can't edit your post, PM a Moderator and we'll do it for you.

3) Last but most importantly, FTE and Internet Brands assumes no liability for parts not delivered, exchanged, etc. In other words, if a deal goes awry and you don't get what you were promised, we will not intervene.


OK, I don't know if this is LEGAL on this board, and I'm not trying to bend any rules, but I'd like to do a "Good Hand/Good Deed" Thread for people looking for certain parts/pieces to our EXCURSIONS that others can/will give them for FREE (the recipient pays actual shipping, if needed)

Can I make a rule? If you take a free item, DON'T SELL IT! That's just not how this kind of stuff should know? Need a penny, take a penny!

Here's what I'm offering:


God bless you all!
05 PSD Limited Ex, V's and B's, Bilstein Shocks, Harley H/L, Billet Badges, Red Head, 30mm Sway, FCDP Delete, FCDP Coolant, JL Audio Stealthbox, DC Power 270 Amp Alt, XS Power D6500 Batts, F650 Dash, Focal Coax, Tracvision a7, Adj Track Bar, Xbox, R/C Dual Steer Stab, 2008 Diff Cover, Mag Hytech Trans Pan, SCT Innov Tunes, Soundstream 10.2" screen, ARP Headstuds, Isspro Gauges, Kenwood DNN990HD, Silverline 4" Exh, JL Audio Amps, BMF Novakane 22x10.5 Death Metal Wheels, Toyo O.C. A/T II Extreme 325-50-22, Iron Cross Boards

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