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  1. Drivers window goes down, but not up??
  2. Pulled the trigger today
  3. Pulled the trigger today
  4. New Transit Connect press release.
  5. So where will the new Transit Connect be built--and a LWB!!
  6. Best replacement tires?
  7. Michelin HydroEdge, don't do it!
  8. Ford Transit Emblem Carbon fiber
  9. For those that doubt the Transit Connect
  10. Full Size Transit to get Diesel and Ecoboost
  11. 20,740 miles and a bad bearing?
  12. how much room
  13. Diesel Connect
  14. anyone try an exhaust system yet
  15. In-Dash GPS And Bluetooth Anyone?
  16. I have a question for consideration
  17. iPod connection
  18. Key with fob for Connect
  19. Looking for TC XL or XLT van in YELLOW.
  20. can you really get the hardened valves in the TC?
  21. Ladder Rack System
  22. tranny
  23. Pulled the pin and bought one!
  24. Any good aftermarket driver's seats for a Transit Connect?
  25. Air Suspension Kit For TC
  26. Dually Kit for Transit Connect RV Conversion?
  27. Got Wrap?
  28. Why is the console so big?
  29. Confused
  30. U Bolt Torque Spec & Zerk Fittings Location