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  1. Happy Birthday America 237 years young BS and Chat thread for Illinois.
  2. Blackhawks WIN..........
  3. '96 F150 4X4 5.0l extended cub issues.
  4. Surprise Move! Coming to the Chicago area
  5. The June BS and chat thread for Illinois. Summer is near.
  6. Little Hershey Swap Meet and Car Show This Weekend! Belvidere, IL
  7. Illinois Chapter Welcome thread for new Chapter members.
  8. BS makes Illinois flowers bloom in May deposit yours here.
  9. New Illinois Chapter member Lelandl3
  10. Welcome a new member to the Illinois Chapter
  11. Proposed Illinois Chapter G2G
  12. Let us all welcome Thomas3rdgen to the FTE and the IL Chapter.
  13. The Illinois BS and Chat thread for April is now open post away.
  14. Let us all welcome IAmKevin to the Illinois Chapter.
  15. Let us all welcome our newest member Dwood63
  16. Welcome all to the March BS and chat thread for Illinois
  17. Lets welcome conquest102 to the Illinois Chapter.
  18. Lets all welcome FP and hubbytomdaman to the Illinois Chapter
  19. Everyone help me in welcoming rrcktrog to the Illinois Chapter.
  20. Everyone help me welcome CLINT-THE-GREAT to the Illinois Chapter
  21. Everyone help me in welcoming fordcrzymike to the Illinois Chapter
  22. Lets all give a big welcome to ncpspeed to the Illinois Chapter.
  23. Its cold, its February, Its the Illinois BS thread.
  24. Lets all welcome dirtflinger92 to the Illinois Chapter
  25. Lets all welcome jfcross and Chicago EXC to the Illinois Chapter.
  26. Lets all welcome Chris 56 f6 to the Illinois Chapter
  27. Lets welcome Kdr358 to the Illinois Chapter
  28. Illinois, Welcome Your New Chapter Leader
  29. The first BS thread of the New Year for Illinois.
  30. December Merry Christmas Illinois BS thread